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Default portion control

Well, I have been around the diet merry go round much to much for me to even think about at this moment, but I am determined not to give up on myself....with that being said, I decided to give simple portion control a try. I have been trying to "work it" for a while only to discover I don't know how to handle certain situations, and these situations are stalling my progress.

So, I was wanting some of everyone's best do you handle resturants? breakfast when you don't have time to cook? fast food? eating with the family (when the family does not want "heathy stuff") times when you have to eat at your desk? do you take your lunch to work?

thank you in advance for all your help and responses...
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Here is what I do, I also try to manage my "portions" as best as I can.
At home I use a salad plate rather than a dinner plate, that helps me not feel like I am not eating anything because my plate looks empty!
When I eat out I ask for a "to go" container right away and put in at least 1/2 of my meal, sometimes 3/4 of it depending on how big it is. I also try to eat all the salad that comes first, then I am not as hungry for the rest of the food. Then you also have a "lunch" for the next day.
Breakfast is about the same, I eat using a SMALL bowl rather than a regular size one. If you have to buy yourself a smaller place setting just for you. Make it special and pretty that way you dont feel deprived. I always make myself plenty of vegis, my family sounds to be like yours. I pick through what I make and get the healthier things out and eat more of them than the other stuff. Also, small changes in the cooking will help reduce fat/calories and if you make them a little at a time your family should not notice a difference and then after it has been a few weeks, you can reduce more...they tend to get used to a particular taste, and before you know it, they are actually eating healthier and not even noticing.
At work I always bring lunch, a healthy frozen meal, or a cup of soup, something that I know the ingrediants/nutrients of. If I get busy and dont have lunch along, I only order a salad from the cafe next door, and they know that I dont want Cheese on it and little special ordering criteria. That also helps me feel less guilty when I am home and dont eat much lettuce since it goes bad fast since I am the only one eating it.

Also a little trick I have learned over the last 2 years, when I eat at my in-laws (or anywhere else like a buffet or party) I spread out the little bit that I do take over the plate so it looks FULL, that way people do not ask my why I am "not eating" when infact I am just not 5lbs of food like the rest of I do not PILE my plate therefore, I mustnt be eating....go figure!
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Hmmm........ As far as portion control in general goes, the only thing that works for me and allows to control my portions - is calorie counting. I NEED to be held accountable and actually COUNTING the calories in what I am eating is the only form of portion control that I have found to work.

As far as eating out - fast food is out of the questin for me. I also try to keep eating out to a minimum. When I do eat out, I pester the waiter. I ask him what foods are made or can be made without oil, butter, cream and what not. I always opt for baked or grilled chicken or fish, after having asked the waiter how it is prepared. I also stick to veggies - steamed or roasted. Salads - with dressing on the side. I avoid the bread basket.

Breakfast is almost always no-cook for me. I have 2 Danon Light and Fit yogurts (60 cals each) with 1/2 cup Fiber One Cereal.

I work from my home, so lunch is kinda easy. But if I were to work out of the home, lunch would be a big cut up salad and a can of tuna or a grilled chicken cutlet, providing there was a fridge at work.

I am the main and only cook in this house, the family eats what I want or they don't eat. Although occasionally I will make them something a little different then me. It's worth the extra effort.

But again, the real key for me is counting calories, or at least estimating them. It's what keeps me in line. Why not try an online calorie service like
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