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Default Alli - support for those taking alli.

This is a thread for those currently taking alli, to share experiences and offer tips.

If you are taking alli, please post here
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Default Alli

My neighbor and I just started Alli yesterday. No news as yet.
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So I am on day four (day five if you count the partial day) and so far I have had no treatment effects. Headache is finally gone... appetite is down...exercise is up.

So far I am happy with the results. Three of us at work went in on a starter pack from Costco. It cost us each $23 for 50 pills. Only one person has had a "treatment effect" and she admitted that she was pushing it to see what would happen. She had fish breaded and fried in butter. True to other posts, it is not a force to be reckoned with as you truly have NO CONTROL.

So that was an important lesson for me. BE good or stay home! So far I am down 2.5lbs. I will weigh in officially on Friday.

Good Luck Ladies!
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I hope I can join you guys. I recently ordered alli, but it still hasn't been shipped. So I'm getting anxious. What I do hope and what inspired me to go ahead and try it, is because it actually promotes dieting, instead of just saying "take this pill and lose weight". If you don't diet, it won't benefit you at all.

So right now, I'm hoping that it can help with my weight loss, which is going so slow, maybe help with a pound or two extra for me.

I'm glad they started this group, because we can all discuss the pros/cons of taking it, compare notes, etc. Its been a long time, many years since I've tried any product (pills), but if its FDA approved I'm hoping its safe, I'll try it and if works for me, fine if not - it won't stop me from continuing on my weight loss quest.

Good luck all!
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Default Day 4 for Me

I am currently on day 4 of Alli and so far no negative effects. I haven't had any "treatment effects" that they describe if you eat more fat than you should (I have stayed at or under the 15g per meal). I have not had headaches either. I started the pills on Monday morning and as of this morning (although I'm not officially weighing until Sunday), I have lost 3 pounds.

So far I'm quite pleased. Knowing what could happen keeps me very focused and being careful what I eat. That in itself it worth the price of the pills for me. Plus, I'm not paying a weekly fee at WW so that balances it out.

I hope everyone who is trying this has good luck. Anyone who is serious about losing weight knows that it takes a lifelong commitment and a lot of focus to accomplish the task and I know that this pill is not anything magic. I just look at it as a helpful tool to keep me doing what I know I have to do to be successful.


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Hello Everyone!
I am on Day 6 of Alli. I am loving it! Except for the (i know gross) oily stools if I eat to much fat at one meal. I have been eating low fat meals and low calorie meals. They say not to eat more then 15 grams of fat at every meal and that you won't get the side effects if you do. I had a slight headache foe a few days but that has gone away. I have dropped 8 pounds since started this so on that alone I am loving it :-)
Good luck everyone!
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I just got the starter pack today and the book. I'm anxious to start reading tonight. I plan on starting this tomorrow. I've been having a very hard time staying on my program. I'm hoping that this will provide a strong incentive to stay on it! It sure sounds like it's working for several of you!

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I am on day 6. I have not had any headaches or side effect. I did have somewhat running bowels today. Alli has made me look at everything I put in my mouth. Just for that it is worth while to me.
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Default Alli - haven't received mine yet

I ordered a starter kit and haven't received it yet - maybe tomorrow. I know, I could have bought it in a store, but I just couldn't bring myself to go into a store and buy it - people would see me buying it. Dumb, like they don't already see a fat middle aged woman instead of the person I really am.

OK, enough introspection! As I get older I find it harder and harder to lose no matter what I do so I'm hoping that this will give me a little boost and keep me on track. I'll check back later.

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Just joining the group. On day one nothing to report, but I was watching my fat intake for the last 3 days knowing I was going to start it today.
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Today was day 7 for me and I haven't had any side effects other than a small headache last Sunday which honestly isn't unusual for me. I can't remember if I was at 181 or 180 when I started so I'll have a more accurate weight loss amount on Saturday when I do my official Alli weigh in.

One of the best things is that taking Alli has made me fill out a food journal everyday on The Daily Plate so I can keep track of all my fat grams. It has made me realize that I really need to watch how much sodium I eat since I have pretty much gone over my limit each day.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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I start taking the pills tomorrow night. Today was my 40th birthday, so I celebrated with several food items that I know I won't be able to even think about starting tomorrow. I've been following a low fat diet for a while now, so I just took today off, I'll be right back on track in the morning.

I've been stuck at one weight for a couple months now and can't seem to get over this plateau, so hopefully Alli will help me kick things back into gear.
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Default Day 2

I am on my second day of taking Alli. No side affects. I'm keeping a journel of what I eat and the moods I'm in. I haven't really started an exercise program yet, but my husband and I are walking to downtown for a concert and then a movie. All uphill from my house. I will start exercising this weekend and do it 5 times a week. We're doing a spring cleaning and repainting the house, so I know as long as my butt isn't on the sofa, I'm okay.

I have a slight headache, but I am prone to headaches anyway so I don't know if it's Alli or life that's causing them. I need to buy a scale so I can keep track of my progress. I did take my measurments though.

My co-worker didn't buy the pills, but she wants to do the low-fat diet with me. Yesturday was the first day of the diet and she didn't do too well. On Thursday's we have a staff meeting and then go out to lunch and we went to Ruby Tuesday's. I had a turkey burger and baked potato. My downfall was 3 glasses of sweet tea. Traci had a cheese burger, fries and dessert. I told her she didn't too very good and she said yes she did - so I'm not going to talk to her anymore about the diet. I'm going to concentrate on me.

I'm excited to be on Alli. I know it's not a miracle pill, but just having that extra boost and the warning of what will happen if I eat too much fat - will keep me on track. I spent $64.04 for a 30 day supply and will do it again.

I will keep posting my progress. Good luck to everyone on it!
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I am thinking of starting Alli after I get back from vacation ( the first week of July). I already exercise but my eatting is what is holding me back. Does anyone know how much the Alli starter kit is? I have seen it at some stores but they never have the price listed.

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Default Price of Starter Pack

I got my starter pack at WalMart for $49 and some odd cents. It has 90 pills and the booklets, etc.


P.S. I'm starting day 5 - still no side effects. However, I am staying at or under the 15 grams of fat per meal and following the program exactly as I should.
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