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Default Blue Plan????????

What is this I here about a blue plan.....I am currently on purple but asked to be switched because of the hours I work (14 hours)....they told me I would have to wait until I reached 190 something to go to yellow or something like that....what gives? frustration
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Cassi (bizlawchik) is probably the best one to ask about the different plans. I'm on blue (due to exercise and long hours of studying), and I absolutely love it, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to knowing which plans are best for different people. What I do know is that blue has 1/2 an extra protein compared to purple, but the protein sizes are smaller, so it probably works out to about the same. Purple has one more veggie than blue, and blue has one more starch (which is the main reason I love it so much, I'm addicted to my carbs!!!). If you really feel that your plan isn't doing it for you (ie. you're hungry all the time, not just cravings but real, OH MY GOD, I'M STARVING hunger), then I suggest you keep bringing it up at your COD. They're usually pretty willing to mess with plans to find what's right for you
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BCandace - The blue plan is in between purple and gold. It is for those that would be on gold but due to shift work or student hours, etc. they need a little extra. The protein portions are the same as gold, which is 2oz less than purple in most cases, but you get an extra starch and 1/2 protein. You get one less veggie than purple.

I was told I needed to be at 181 to move from purple to gold. (I'm shorter than you.)

However, I just went back to school three weeks ago and after spending two weeks on purple and being very hungry, they moved me to blue this week. It's my second day on blue. I am up at 5 and am going until 11 so the extra food helps so I can have some protein and starch at every meal.

Maybe because of the hours they can move you to red? I don't know if that's an option. Also, if you just started the program, they may be trying to see if the normal plan for your height/weight will work for you. I've been on the program for a year and then tried the new schedule for two weeks before switching.

It seems like you just started on the plan so I would suggest you give it a few weeks. If you find that you are too hungry, let them know. If your counselor won't move you, speak with the manager. If that doesn't work, call the 800 number on the box of lites and speak with customer service and see if they can help.
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You should actually be on Blue, it is for people who work long hours or varied shifts. Red is for those who exercise aerobically five plus hours per week. You don't ever get dropped to Blue, it's not in the sequence, you have to fit the criteria (hours worked) to be on that plan however I have put clients on it because I felt it was a better fit with their workouts and lifestyle. You may just want to request it from your counselor if your hungry on gold and feel that you need a little bit more.
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I work a 8-5 M-F job, am I right to be on Gold? When I did the plan beofre, I started on Purple, and then moved to Blue. I lost most of the weight on Blue, I love my carbs too! Should I be on blue? I am clueless on these things... and what is red? I thought it was for those starting out heavier and heavy excercise, is this correct??
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