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Default 5 Day Plateau Breaker

Here is a plateau breaker suggested by my COD

Proteins - lean options such as chicken, fish and veal
Starches - high fiber/low cal, lite whole grain bread (35-45 cal/slice)
Fruits - high fiber - strawberries, raspberries (I used frozen) and apples
Vegetables - high fiber - broccoli and spinach
LA Lites: 1 drink and 1 bar instead of two bars a day.
H2O - up to 10-12 glasses
No fast food, frozen food or restaurant foods

In addition, I suggest hot lemon water first thing in the morning
and adding lemon juice to your water.

I also try to use protein instead of cereal for my breakfast to get my metabolism going early in the day. Try skim ricotta cheese slightly warm with cinnamon. It is yummy. You can add fruit if you like.
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Great ideas Lynn....

I had this saved as well...can't remember who actually posted this:

What LAWL says

Eating frequently can help to keep metabolism active and burning through out the day. Try to split meals into 5-6 mini meals each day, and plan each meal to contain some protein or dairy in each. You can split either—proteins must be the same if splitting. Examples of small frequent meals include nuts & raisins, yogurt & berries, celery and peanut butter, chicken with broccoli & brown rice, LA Lite & tossed salad with cheese, LA Lite powder blended with yogurt and berries, etc. This can also help you to get in all your foods, so sitting down to 3 large meals is not so overwhelming.

Make sure you are getting a variety of all foods, and not eating the same type of foods at the same times, everyday. The body gets use to burning the same types of foods, so mixing it up can help to jump start metabolism. Try including a Carb craver menu items or some new recipes from the cookbook-to add variety and introduce new foods.

Change up your eating patterns, so to have different foods or types of exchanges at different times of the day. One morning, instead of a half protein & a starch, try a dairy and a fruit (like a smoothie) or a full protein & a vegetable (such as an omelet).Or try a Carb Craver cereal item with fruit for lunch-for a change of pace.

Incorporate some light (approved by her dr. first) activity, such as walking–to help boost her metabolism.

Limit higher sodium foods, such as frozen & restaurant meals, deli meats, canned foods, cottage cheese, etc. - to no more that 2-3 times per week total, to help control any fluid fluctuations. Also, get in at least 10-12 glasses of water, as your body will retain more if it does not get enough.
Make certain to keep a very detailed diary-weighing and measuring all foods and recording all portion sizes, including fats, beverages, condiments, as well as meal times and duration of any exercise in time spent-to review your food patterns and energy needs.
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I now officially qualify as the queen of the plateau 13 weeks and counting

I've gotten the above e-mail not once, but twice from the Dietician. I've done everything in it except consult my physican about incorporating light activity. I workout 6 hours a week and have an active job that qualifies as probably another 3 hours of working out easily. I think if I went to my internist and asked for permission to start walking lightly, she would have her laugh of the month.

Oh, and by the way I can't do TO. I kid you not. It's Corporate Policy around here that if you're on Red due to work-out habits TO is not in your cards.

Though, the scale has not budged since before X-mas , I can stress loss isn't always on the scale. I've dropped 12 inches in the same time. Which looks like 25 pounds, I'm not complaining about that. It's just that I only see the melting offically once every 4 weeks.!
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Thumbs up

Hey marzbe,
I'm thinking that you might want to consider doing different kinds of physical activity. For instance, if you're already working out 6 hours a week, what kind of activity are you doing? Maybe one day get on the bike, another elliptical, and another with half and hour on the treadmill and half an hour on the stair stepper. I'm guessing your body is now used to the diet and used to the exercise, so it's not feeling any pressure to burn more calories. That's what my instructor for weight training said to me, and so far she's right! Just a suggestion!
Also, even if you're not losing the weight, you're losing the inches and probably gaining muscle, which could stall the scale. You might want to check at a local gym if they have Omron body fat testing. It's this hand-held device that tells you what your body fat percentage is. If that's not too high, I wouldn't worry. Congrats on the inches anyway! That's a huge accomplishment in itself!

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Please don't look at my current stats and think that this is my present routine BUT....when I was on the Red Plan with lites my second time around with LAWL, I worked out about 8 hours per week. I had tremendous success going to the gym twice a day (once in the morning and then later at night). The biggest weight losers at the gym that I belong to positely swear by breaking up the day that way. I also ran into another gym member who works out once a day for three weeks and then twice a day for one week. He claims that it tricks his metabolism. I am now on the Blue Plan with lites and only 4 hours exercise/week is recommended. I'll probably average about that until my weight drops more and this gets easier. I agree that TO would be impossible with your workout schedule. I feel lightheaded just thinking about it! Anyway, just a thought to change things up!
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