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Default New Member from Virginia

This is the worst day of my life! I just learned this morning that I weight 251 pounds!~ Even though I have always been fat, I promised myself I would never get this big. I am in desperate need of help and support! I need to lose 111 lbs. and I'm all on my own.

I've tried the doctor approach, the wouldn't do anything. No diets to follow, no weekly or monthly check ups, no referral for surgery, just the normal eat right and exercise. Well lets face it, if it was that easy to do, none of us would have gotten fat to begin with. It's hard work! I have to do it though!

It's affecting my whole life. My feet are starting to swell, I don't sleep anymore, I can't stand to have intimate relations with my husband. I don't want him touching my fat. I don't even look in the mirror anymore. I don't fix my hair, I wear sweat pants and big t-shirts all the time. I hate to shop for clothes.

Please help me keep accountable to myself and others! I need to lose this weight or I'm going to lose my mind.
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You've come to the right place for support and you're never alone in your weight loss efforts. There are many groups and different boards here. I belong to a group called New Creations. They are a great group of ladies who really help each other through daily life. Look around. I know you will find the right path to take to make healthy changes.
Take Care,
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Hello Dee!
We are here for you!
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Hi Dee
I am new as well and am 4 months ahead of you. I first looked at the scale and it said 231. I am now about halfway to where I need to be. You CAN do it you are NOT alone and I am sure that at least one person here can relate to you.
The hardest thing is to come somewhere and say I have a problem. You don't have to know the answer, just start, we can help fill in the rest.
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One day, one bite, one meal.

Think positive.
Put yourself first.
Set small goals.
Find a support buddy.
Be honest.
Don't give up on yourself.

You CAN and WILL do this.

PM me anytime.

Health and happiness,
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Hi Dee-

The great thing about this site is that there are people from all over who are doing the same thing you you have a place to check in as many times as you need to and ask for help or share what you're going through. You CAN do this. It's just a step at a time.

Remember that we are out here sending you our support. Little changes, every day, and we'll all get to that place that is better for us, more healthy for us, and is life-affirming.

PM me, too, if you'd like! I'll be rooting for you all day!! (Root for me, too - it helps to know that someone is out there sending positive vibes.)

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I sent you a PM.

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Dee, what part of VA? I'm in VA Beach myself.

Your doctor probably doesn't want to do anything else at this point because it's not serious enough yet to opt for the more drastic treatments. Eating right and exercise simply is the best way to lose the weight whenever it's possible. If it gets to the point that he's prescribing meds or surgery, then you can figure it's pretty bad.

One of the biggest deterents to losing weight however is depression, and you sound like you have a bit of it over the weight at least. You need to work on getting to like yourself, overweight or not. Start fixing your hair and dressing nicely. Have a "can do" and an "I'm beautiful" attitude instead of a negative one. Maybe even turn to a counselor for help. Then realize it took a long time to get where you are and it will take a long time to get where you need to be. But don't let depression force you into old bad habits.
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Hi, Dee--

I can relate to how frustrating it is when your doctor's "advice" makes you feel like a slob instead of like someone who's asked for guidance. I'm seeing a bariatric doc in Arlington, and she's been a tremendous resource. If you're not in northern VA, you can probably find one in your community, or at least a nutritionist. I'm so sorry that your dr only added to your misery .

I look forward to seeing you more often in this forum. The response you've already received from seven people is typical of the kind of support you can get just by asking. Feel free to send me private message if you like!

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