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Default New Member - help to stop the Yo-Yo (again)

First of all....Thank you for listening - I have never joined such a group before - but my wife joined a message board recently and she has found amazing motivation and help with her weight goals - So I am hoping for the same.

I am 32 5'11 and weigh 270 and have bounced between 320 and 190 over the course of the last 6 years.

Just to give you an idea of my weight fluctuations, Years ago I was at 320 then lost 120 over 13 months. stayed at that level for like 2 DAYS....then began putting on weight again....before I could blink....I was back up over 240 (like 6 months later) then I would work real hard to get down to 200...then boom....I'd balloon up again. Most recently, As of Jan 2003 I was at 290....I dropped to about 230 for my wedding in October...and today, when I got on the scale.....I was 267 - 37 lbs SINCE OCT!!!!! I am SCARED OF bouncing any higher....Since Monday, I have started to better watch what I am eating and I have been to the gym twice.

My biggest problem is that I am not a healthy eater....even when "dieting" I don't eat healthy.....If I am not watching what I portions are huge and I eat WAY TOO MUCH AND TOO FAST. When I AM "dieting" I stop eating, or I eat very little. I see great results very quickely with this BUT IT NEVER LASTS!!!

Knowing this, I am truly going to TRY to be patient with myself this go around - to see if I can make a more perminent change....this week, I have been eating every 2 hrs, (a piece of fruit, a small bowl of pasta...something small) and drinking 8oz of water with every "meal" and I have been ok thus far....haven't been too hungry, but honestly, it's VERY HARD for me to not just starve myself. I know that I am doing it the "right way" this time through (or at least a better way) But the more expierences that I can read about....The more comfortable and the more motivated I am.....

I don't know if anyone has ever said this, but reading and now writing in this message board is VERY inspiring! I appreciate everyone opening up and sharing because it's given me the comfort and the strength to do the same. I am glad to have found this board as it is helping me with my weight goals.
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These boards have been very helpful for me also! Just reading about everyone's success is nice. I want you to know that I think you are doing a great thing by deciding to take it slow. 4-5 years ago I lost arond 60 pounds in 6 months just from fad dieting. I have not lost 29 in the last 4 months and haved change my eating habits tremendously and no fad diets. I hope this will help you to get down to your "ideal you" and stay there.

There are a lot of great people here!!
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