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A princess on a mission
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Question I need someone to believe in me.

hello all.
I am new here and posted something probably in a forum that was the wrong one. After sorting through this great site I think I found my starter home.
I am 23 years old and tipping the scales at 260 pounds. *an 11 pound loss from 3 weeks ago* Im sick and tired of being the fat one, the obese girl, the girl with the great heart, great face, but her body should be something more attractive I guess you could say. I dont need to be a head turner for other people but I want to be a head turner for me. I want to feel beautiful, I want to look in the mirror and not cringe or even worse avoid them at all costs...
I have decided that nows the time to do something about it. Not for other people but for me. I want to be able to ride the roller coasters at the theme parks. I love the thrill of it and not being able to enjoy that hurts me.
I have an amazing boyfriend that is helping me as much as he can but him being 150 and being able to eat anything at anytime doesn't give me the kind of advice that i could get from people who know what im going through. I hope to get out of this some sound advice, maybe some tips, and who knows, I might even be able to help others out too.
My weight now is 260. I wish to be ideally 175. My goal for now though is a realistic 200. I know Im not meant to be a 115 lb woman. I have big bones *or maybe that was a myth my mom used to tell me*
I thank everyone for listening and taking time to check this out. Any advice would be welcomed with open arms.

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Hi Jessica,

I'm new to these boards and learning myself how to properly get around the boards.

Doing it for yourself is the right way to do it! I am heavier than you, and that's even with losing quite a bit of weight. I am losing slowly, consistently, while making healthier choices each and every day. I was so excited last month when I was able to use my seatbelt without an extender for the very first time! It's the little things like that that keep me motivated.

Do you exercise? Do you drink your water?

My main exercise is an aerobic breathing program; I also sometimes do Walk Away The Pounds as well. I try to be as creative as I can in making sure I get my execise done each and every day.

Write me anytime and we'll chat.

[email protected]
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Hi Jessica!

I'm 20 and also new to these boards joining a coupla days ago. I think you've got the right frame of mind there to actually be able to do some good for yourself!
That's what i'm trying to do too. I'm currently 9st 6lbs (i think that's about 132, but i'm not totally sure). I'm only 5ft 2" so i've considered overweight. I have quite a small body frame so i've got to a weight where my body can't handle it. I'm at uni and also feel 'under' everyone else. I am looking to get my confidence and self esteem back. Maybe we can help each other?!


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A princess on a mission
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Thanks for your kind words and is greatly appreciated and just what I need... My main source of exercise is walking either to or from work everyday...its about a mile and so far im averaging about 30-35 minutes that it takes me...hopefully soon I will get better and faster ...Since I've started my own fad ones or anything although I do go with Weight Watchers points and try to stay within that...I drink nothing but water (sometimes flavored) I've given up soda and candy and chocolate. In substition I eat apples and bananas and stuff...Yah I surely get the cravings and stuff but I try to think of the big picture...I thank you for writing here and hopefully we can help each other e-mail is [email protected] and AIM name is jsscmngn. *I try and keep it uniform* write me anytime.
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A princess on a mission
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Hi Purple_Gem:
Its hard to get self-esteem back, believe me I dont have much...It does help though having someone to talk to and share feelings with and someone that can believe in you...I hope I can do that and we can help boost each other up and show support. All we have to do is be Good Luck and hope we can talk again.

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Jessica, there's some good advice in these posts. Drink all the water you possibly can, exercise whenever and however you can. Have you tried strength training? It's really hard to get into for me, but I'm trying. Muscle burns more calories than fat, but my motivation is that when I finally shed all of this weight I want everyone to see nice toned muscles instead of weak flabby ones! I also really like yoga, because it keeps me limber, which helps when you exercise and just with everyday tasks. And it just feels good to ssstttrrreeeccchhhh!
As far as the motivation goes, it sounds like you're doing great! Keep coming here to chat with others, and the journals are great too. Journaling really helps me sort out my thoughts, and I usually gain some valuable insight from others as well.
I have learned a few tricks about motivation and self-esteem in the month since I've been here, some from this site, some from my own experiences. I read a book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama called "The Art of Happiness," and although he wasn't talking specifically about weight loss, he did give some very good advice. He says that whenever you're faced with a decision, ask yourself, "will this bring me closer to my long-term goal of happiness, or just give me temporary pleasure?" For example, climbing on the treadmill will make me happier in the long run but not really provide any temporary pleasure, whereas inhaling a bag of Doritos will bring me temporary pleasure but make me feel like crap after I'm finished. Try it, it makes decision-making easier.
That's another thing I realized: everything is a decision. It took me a while to accept full responsibility for myself, for my weight, for my habits. But one day I just realized that everything I put in my mouth is my decision, that I have complete control. I don't have to take another bite if I don't want to. I know it sounds simple, but sometimes it's hard to think of it that way.
One last thing--you've got to be your own best supporter. Try picturing yourself exactly as you want to be, right down to the last detail: your clothes, your hair, your muscles, that little cavity above your collarbone, how you walk... everything. Practice picturing that until you can do it clearly any time you want. Now here's the trick: that vision is your motivation, your own personal coach, your goal. But it is also the Future You. The other day I was picturing my Future Self while I was walking on the treadmill, and I started worrying about all the crap going on in my life, so I just decided to ask Future Me how everything was going to turn out. Among other things, she told me to keep doing what I'm doing and I'll reach my goals. I know it sounds silly, talking to myself, but it really did help. I'm a lot less worried now than I was a few days ago, not just about my weight, but about my life in general.

Whew... that was longer that I intended it to be! Guess I'm feeling talkative today.
Anyway, keep your head up. You're doing GREAT so far! And you sound like you have a very realistic and healthy attitude. Keep at it, and you will get there. Stick with us, and we'll all get there together.
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Welcome Jessica!

We are all either trying to lose, maintain or get in shape so you have plenty of company and support around here

There is a great Weight Watchers section in the forums if you need any help with WW questions - they also have some great recipes to try out.

My advice - eat well balanced meals, allow yourself a little treat once in a while so you don't feel totally deprived and find an exercise that is right for you.

I find as the weight comes off I am gaining more confidence in myself by trying new things. Doing it for yourself is the right way to go!

Good luck in your journey!
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Default *~*~*~*~*

Hi Jessica and Wanda,
If you are looking for a place to hang out and talk. Come join our small group we would love to have you. Find us by searching for alexias together.
hope to hear from you soon.
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Wow... Jessica I Can Completely Understand Where You Are Coming From - In Fact You Sound Alot Like Me!! I Am 23yrs Old And 230-40lbs -- I Am Going Back And Forth Between The 2!! .. I Hope We Can Maybe Help Each Other Out - I Personally Dont Even Know Where To Begin - But I Am A Great Listner And Motivator To Other People!! ( Wish I Can Use It On Myself!!)
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