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Default Seriously need a buddy bigtime

I have gone from 304 to 204, to currently 210. My ideal weight is 140 and I would do anything to get there, I am doing just about anything right now, but it's discouraging because my weight won't go down and I'm working so hard. I have 12 weeks left til graduation from cosmetology school, and I was hoping back in early December (when I weighed just about the same that I do right now) that I would be at my ideal weight by graduation. Can anybody help me?
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Don't give up!! You have done an incredible thing in loosing the weight you have!!! Donít get discouraged! There is probably a good reason why you are not loosing weight. Have you changed any major habits in the last year? I started putting on weight when I changed jobs, because it was such a less active desk job. After I got married last year, I packed on 25 pounds in a few months and found out that my hormone levels were wrong- I have hypothyroidism. Also, when I was a child I put on weight at a side effect to sinus and allergy medication I was taking.

In the last 3 months I have been doing everything watching calories, walking and hour everyday to lose weight-and I only lost 4 pounds. I talked to my doctor about why iI wasnít loosing weight and he talked to me about food choices and was encouraged to monitor my heart rate, instead of how long I exercised. I have bought a heart rate monitor and started watching what foods I eat that have a high glycemic index and I can already tell a huge difference.

I donít know if this helps at all, but at least know you are not alone in how frustrated you are, but hang in there, you can get through it!!

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diva i just joined yesterday and ive got to lose 7 stone if you need to moan or cry or scream just type ill listen if you,ll return favour

keep at it
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*LOL* Thanks you guys:-) Clasparm, when I went to the Dr. about a month ago, he was telling me to either decrease my calorie intake or increase my workout time. Even with the diet I was on at that time, I was only eating maybe 600-800 calories a day. That was when, during that 5 month period, I lost the 77 pounds. So I changed it up a little after this last Dr. visit. I went out and bought some of those Weight Watchers SmartOnes dinners to take for lunch. The ones that are chicken with vegetables, that only have 9 carbs in them, and like, 210 calories. I'd fix a diet frappuccino from one of my Energy fitness magazines (150 calories), eat one of those SmartOnes dinners for lunch (210 calories), and maybe another SmartOnes thing for dinner, and drink water all day long. Then I'd come home and work out on my CardioFit machine for 30 minutes, do a 20 minute ab workout, and a 15 minute freeweight workout. People were telling me they could see that I was getting more toned, but I just wasn't feeling it, and I've kinda tripped up this past week. I guess I may as well pick it up before it gets too far and out of hand. I'll try to come back here and post how I'm doing, I think that would help keep me on track too. Thanks:-)
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Hi Diva,

You also have to remember that muscle weighs more that fat... I know, I don't lose much weight, but I have lost over 30 inches. Even my boyfriend, who is a heavy lifter, says that the difference is really noticable

Maybe you are getting used to the routine, I get my routine changes every three months or so, courtesy of the BF, and it seems to make a difference. I had plataeued out before Xmas and he changed the program and I could feel the difference almost immediately. My bady had gotten used to the routine and was being more efficient..but I wasn't having to work as hard...

Just some thoughts...

Hang in there, it is all good...

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