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Lightbulb My Story: Generic Medicines Gave Me a Second Chance!

Why did I write this post ??? I DON'T WANT TO DO ANY AGITATION or PROMOTION, I just share my USEFUL EXPERIENCE and I really want this information to be useful not only to me, but also to other people who sometimes need medicines as often as oxygen.

Hello and I wish everyone a great mood! I'm Alexi, 50 years old, I have type 2 diabetes, but 3 years ago My life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with Cancer.

At first time I had Panic Attacks, Depression and Despair, But the Doctors reassured me and said that pharmacology is now at a high level, and modern medicines are able to almost completely minimize negative symptoms and make my life easier.
But the peace of mind did not last long when I calculated the total cost of treatment for my problem. Agree, you cannot save on health, and any high price of a medicine is justified if you buy 1-2 packs ... But I was prescribed several courses of different medicines, the total price of which caused me a real horror!
After completing the 1st Course of Medication, I felt relief, but I could not get out of my head the thought that several years of my treatment could drive my family into big debts. Honestly, I even despaired a little, and thought that it would be better to die as soon as possible, so as not to torment myself with bad thoughts.

In Last Hope, I asked a friend of our family for advice, he works as a therapist (for many years suffering from asthma and overweight, and his wife has cancer). And I could not even think that in addition to moral support, he would open up a new word for me - GENERIC MEDICATIONS!
Of course, I heard this word more than once, as Generic Drugs, but it never really bothered me, and the only association I had was CHEAP COPY. But in fact, everything turned out to be much more interesting!

My friend is a therapist and he told me his story when he discovered generics. Due to overweight problems, he has chronic asthma, as well as weak potency, and from time to time he has to buy medicines for potency and asthma. To this list were added his wife's medications (for cancer and diabetes) - And for such a number of medications you need to allocate a "decent amount" every month. And he had no choice but to look for other, more relevant ways to find suitable medications. As a result, he developed an interest of his own in the study of alternative medicines, and after a long study of information, forums and medical documents, he decided to try a generic, and here's why:

1) Generic Drugs have ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL COMPOSITION, active substance, principle of action as in branded drugs. And also Generic has exactly the same properties, the same side effects as the brand.
2) Generics are 2 to 10 times cheaper than branded ones. They allow you to REALLY SAVE up to 80%!

When I first heard about this, I had a stupor: if Generic and Brand have the same composition and form of release and act in the same way, then why are generics several times cheaper ??? Is this a conspiracy? =))

As it turned out, the answer lies on the surface and is easier than I thought.
In fact, the price of the brand is several times higher due to additional costs, which include (drug development + clinical trials + final trials + patenting + licensing + marketing campaign + trademark) - and the final price of the produced drug increases several times.
Generic medications went the simpler way - they took a ready-made brand medicine - and completely recreated its composition - creating an EXACT COPY - bypassing the high costs of Marketing, Brand Name and Others.

I will now show you a specific example:
*** (This Information IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT or PROMOTION, It Is Taken From Open Sources FOR AN EXAMPLE To Show How Generics Work) ***
One of the Worldwide Known Coronavirus Vaccine Producers, "AstraZene##", last year entered into an agreement with the Indian Serum Institute for the production of its covid vaccine. "Indian AstraZene##" received the local name "CoviShie##". Apart from India, AstraZene## vaccines are also produced in South Korea. Both manufacturers have been approved by the WHO. In other words, "CoviShie##" is the Indian Generic Version of the Brand Vaccine "AstraZene##" - They have the same composition and principle of action, the only difference is the Name.

The situation is exactly the same with other drugs - India is the world leader in pharmaceuticals and drug production - and most of the generics are produced in India (like most other drugs under different brands - much cheaper and more profitable for branded production in countries with cheap capacities) ... India values its reputation very much, which is why all generics produced undergo clinical trials for compliance with the original brand).

THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRANDED DRUG AND GENERIC MEDICINE IS THE PRICE! (Extra charge!) (Pharmaceuticals is the Most Profitable Business in the World, and have you ever heard that someone would refuse Super-Profits?).

IT'S NOT A SECRET FOR ANYONE That Treating Doctors * (not all, but most of them), Closely Cooperate with Pharmaceutical manufacturers, and often prescribe Medicines to their patients, lobbying other people's interests (of course, BRANDS, because from prescribing Generics they will hardly get commission). What To Do In This Situation?

Can generics be purchased without visiting a doctor?
Generic Medicine Solved And This Problem - There Is An Absolutely White, And Legal Scheme How To Get Generic Medicines Without Going To A Doctor, And Without A Prescription: Some verified online pharmacies where you can buy medicines - all orders are processed by real licensed doctors who are absolutely legal and do not violate any rules and laws, have the right to prescribe medicines to the patient, considering his application through the web form. And in 4-6 days I will receive my medicines anywhere in the USA and Europe.

To summarize: About two years ago I discovered Generic Drugs! And I will tell you sincerely - they made me happy!
I can compare generic drugs to the New Year's Sale of branded items - when a brand that I love so much costs space money, and suddenly with a sale -70% you get it at a more adequate price.

I tried very hard and was worried when I wrote this post - AND IF HE HELPS at least one PERSON, THIS IS ALREADY VICTORY !! I wish you all a speedy recovery from all your ailments!

Unfortunately, at this moment, most people looking for affordable drugs are inexperienced, and many have not even heard of the existence of generics due to the small amount of information available.

More Info About Generic Medication (F.D.A.):
"In the United States, 9 out of 10 prescriptions filled are for generic drugs. Increasing the availability of generic drugs helps to create competition in the marketplace, which then helps to make treatment more affordable and increases access to healthcare for more patients. "

I wish you all happiness and a speedy recovery from all ailments!
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