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Default Nice to meet you!!

Good afternoon! I'm new to this group and looking forward to getting to know everyone. Also looking forward to the support available.

I am 48 and struggling with my weight.. WhenI checked my BMI I became concerned. I know that is a red flag for Covid complications and now I'm in a panic. (Is this a germaphobia support group, too? I could use it! lol) Seriously, though, that realization made me want to lose weight fast. I want to do it in a healthy way, though, so I started on Weight Watchers. I do great for a day or two then completely fall off the wagon and stress eat. Any tips? Also, anyone experience Covid and come up alright? (That may help with my anxiety level.)

THanks for listening!
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Hi Bob. I faced a strong challenge myself a few years ago. Recently, I realized the weight was creeping back up, so I took drastic measures. I would only eat a portion of the daily recommended calories from health professionals/physicians. So essentially, instead of dropping my calories to 1800/day working a desk job, I dropped it to 1300. The reason being, I wasn't very active. Winter holidays rolled around, but I stuck with it. I know it's hard, but you will not starve. My biggest issue was feeling like I hadn't eaten. After the first two weeks, it became much easier. I finally got to the point, where I didn't even look at cookies at the store. The craving was completely gone. Even now, a cupcake, cookie, doughnut, tastes too sweet to me. By the way, I won the Biggest Loser Contest we held at the office that year.

My current situation, since the weight had crept up again, minus about 20lbs; I decided to drop the calories, and change my diet completely this time. Along with dropping sugary delights, I also cut out red meat and pork. I only eat meat probably twice a week, all other days it's veggies. The first time, I cut out wine, but I don't want to this time, lol. I also drink water with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. If you add honey, make sure it's locally produced fresh honey. I get mine from an apiary owned by a friend of mine's aunt. Just keep in mind also, our root veggies have great health benefits. (Sweet potatoes, beets, ginger, etc.)
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