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Default New! In Need of Encouragement.

Hi everyone!

I'm new here (yikes, is it that obvious???) and I finally decided to take an additional step to winning back my life, my happiness, and my health.

It's been a lifelong journey for me - ever since I can remember I was overweight, fighting myself on my consumption of all things tasty and hate for exercise, and being bullied for my less-than-perfect body shape and size in comparison to my school peers. Haven't we all been there? Unfortunately.

This past year (around March, I believe) I was diagnosed with a glucose intolerance in addition to pre-PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) that explained a lot of the increased weight gain, hormonal changes, ups and downs with my emotions and feelings, and many other things I couldn't explain. I thought, "man...I've ballooned more than normal, I need to do something about this!" but even with a bit of a diet and a rather heafty uptick in trying to work out, I barely lost a pound or two over months of work - that was when I was diagnosed and put on Metformin as well as Progesterone.

So far with this, a decrease in carbohydrates and sugars and an increase in more fibrous foods, and an increase in exercise, I've lost almost 30lbs. I'm so happy and pleased! I knew a lot of it was the sudden cut in glucose from Metformin, but it was still pleasing to have help in some way. But over the holidays, of course, I hit another wall.

Soon before the holidays started I was gaining a bit more weight again. I'd fallen off the "eat better" wagon and my exercise had mostly ceased. I was told that our bodies naturally will try to pull us back to our highest weight and to not be discouraged at the roller coaster that is weight loss and attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.


Now that the holidays have passed, I've been working hard to get past my 250 mark but I keep bouncing up near 256 and then back down again. The yo-yo that is my body's weight is incredibly discouraging.

I started going back to the gym (mainly) as a way to break up my routine. My life felt monotonous and had started dragging my depression into the mix through my medications and it was honestly so draining mentally and emotionally. When my mom suggested I go with her and my sister three days a week, I agreed it might help. And honestly? It has. I feel more energetic, I feel a bit happier. It's the third week this week and I actually have been looking forward to going now!

I lost two pounds in the past two weeks, and it's hard to judge how much I may have lost if I wasn't doing strength training on my muscles - they feel bigger, and I know they weigh more. But now my stomach seems so bloated and makes me feel and look pregnant - it's so discouraging! My pants were laughing at me as I zipped and buttoned them this morning, and I felt like crying. How did I get back here even though I'm holding steady to about 250-253lbs in the past few weeks......

I vowed to cut Coca Cola mostly out of my diet again - I'm trying to cut things like that that are bad for me in little ways so that I don't feel deprived and crave them more.'s so hard. I have to have the willpower - and I need support, motivation, and encouragement to get there.

I'm happy I found this place, and I hope I can continue to learn and grow on my weight loss and health gain journey with all of you.

Thank you!

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Hello and welcome. A lot of us can relate to your struggles, and I find that helps me a lot when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
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