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Hiiii ! I just wanted to introduce myself and share a little of my story and my journey with everyone. Sooo, I'm currently at my max weight out of my 36 years of living! I'm only 5'3. I've always been a smaller person ranging between 150-155. I've never been overweight nor obese in my life! And I've always been an extremely active person all my life up until the year 2017!

2017 came and hit hard for me with the weight! I let go of myself and became extremely inactive and lazy. Being inactive and lazy did not mix well with the way I was eating (overeating). I ended up hitting my highest weight that year at 235 lbs and very rapidly.. Of course that weight maintained and caused some issues with my health. For one, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Jan of 2018 with an A1C of 8.8. I really let that go in one ear and out the other because I couldn't believe what I was hearing at the time. Soooooo, because of my lazy and inactive lifestyle combined with me overeating in general and rapid weight gain, it caused me a problem that I'm just now currently trying to reverse.

Within the year 2018 I made only a few small changes which yielded in me dropping to 220 later on in 2018. My changes still didn't include any physical activity. I just basically, "somewhat" cut back on my food intake. My A1C (Dec 2018) dropped to 7.7 on it's own without any medications period! I was still eating my normal diet but just cutting back a little. I was still adapted to my lazy and inactive lifestyle!

During 2019 after Feb. I threw the towel in and had given up on everything! And of course, I blew back up to 225.6 around March. I started back overeating! And my laziness was through the roof! I developed sleep apnea from being dangerously obese. I even skipped my appointments to see my doctor. At this point, I was basically just stuck going between 225.8-228.

The final straw was when my weight started affecting my breathing terribly. And when I realized that lifting my leg to go up stairs literally took my breath away, it was then that I knew I had to take my life back!

Currently, I'm on a mission to REVERSE my current situation (Type 2) and lose about 60 more pounds! I'm working in my 9th week (8/11/19) of my personal fitness journey! I've become very active! My endurance and stamina has made major progress! My energy level is through the roof now. On top of my numbers have made major improvement. I go back to see my doctor 10/14 and I'm actually excited about going for my 4 month A1C this time! I'm pretty much physically active 7 days a week on top of me working out and lifting weights. I'm currently down from 225.6 to 214.0. Sorry I talked you guys ear off!
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