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Default Back again and again

I am a yo yo dieter due to a eating disorder. Before I had my son I was about 110 lbs. After I had my son I gained weight due to a failing marriage over the years. I went to 198, then I lost weight to 108 lbs. Great right? I gained it all back to 195 lbs. Then I filed for divorce and I became really happy and lost weight to 126 lbs. Then I went back up to 147 lbs. I don't want to gain all that weight I lost back again so I finally got the motivation and the mind set to lose weight. I weighed in at 135 lbs this morning. I look in the mirror and I see a difference. My bmi is back in a normal weight range. I feel great. But as you can see it's a struggle for me and I don't know why and with this constant up and down in weight, I feel like it's going to affect my health in the long run. I want to stop this cycle. Any advice would be great
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Like you I was a yo yo dieter. It sure does play havoc with the body.

I'm also 5'3. I'm older, so it's harder to lose the weight once you're over a certain age, and yes, it does effect health. What has helped me this time is that I finally came to terms with the fact that what I have to do is eat as healthy as I can and find an exercise program that will work for the long term. Forever. Try to think of it not as a loss of what you can't eat, but as what you can eat. Portion size control really is important as well.

I don't set goals and I try not to worry about the weight loss. It comes off with time and with a sensible eating plan.

Paperstars, try to find something that will work for you for the long term and try ( I know it's hard) not to focus on the scale or body image too much. Like you, I seemed to go up and down with weight along with life events. What I have learned to do over the past four months is to have a good think about the two. When faced with a disturbing life circumstance, or stress, ask yourself if you really want to reach for that extra snack or big plate of whatever. Easy to say, but eventually it will hit home.

Best of luck to you.
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It's always a challenge. I feel your pain! Especially in a society where there's bounty all around-such a wealth of food-we humans have a hard time establishing a great relationship with our feeding habits. Just personally, I like to view this issue as a "first world problem." It reminds me of how blessed we are compared to other societies, and gives me a good sense of humor about the tendency to overeat. Everyone has these problems when surrounded by bounty; humans love food...Overeating, over restricting, purging, etc. are all issues that happen to us when we try to discipline ourselves in a society where food is plentiful. There's nothing evil or taboo about it. The struggle is common to many of us. I don't know that there's an easy way out, as I'm in the same boat, but I will say that, in my opinion, fighting obesity is probably better for our health than succumbing to it. Even when we don't fight it in a totally balanced manner.

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