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Default Just another new member -- UK

Hi, I'm Jas and I'm from the UK.

I've realised that I've put on quite a bit of weight without noticing. I went for a modelling shoot and realised just how much weight I've put on which has really upset me. I don't feel the pictures look as good as they could and I'm feeling quite self conscious now I put my BMI in and I am now in the overweight range - just, but still.

I'm a sucker for snacks so that's stopping now. I'm trying to get up the willpower to bin everything in my sweetie cupboard - some encouragement is sorely needed though.

I've downloaded myfitnesspal and it's given me 1,460 calories to work with. I'm considering skipping breakfast and having a small lunch - would pot noodles be filling enough? Just something quick and easy while I'm at work where I know how many calories I'll be taking in. Then my husband makes dinner in the evening - he's a chef, so I'm trying to leave as many calories until then as I can as he makes some yummy stuff! Have to try and force myself to only have one bowl too..

Also not gonna lie, I hate exercise unless it's fun - there is just no point in me buying a gym membership, I get bored silly on the treadmill and tried legs,bums and tums before.. meh. So any suggestions for more "fun" exercises to do at home will help.. if there are any lol.

So today is day 1 of losing weight. I want to get down to 125lbs. Anyone else in a similar boat? and any advice?
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I would not recommend pot noodles, unless you can find pot noodles that are 100% whole grain.

If you want to eat something filling, foods which are high in fiber and/or protein tend to be the most filling. Some examples of filling foods are vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, quinoa.

Which exercises are fun is a matter of opinion. If you don't like treadmills, have you tried walking or jogging outside? Are there any hiking trails near your home?

Have you tried squats? You don't need equipment, so you can do squats at home.
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