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Question I need advice, please!

This is a little long, but I'm desperate for advice.

I've decided it's time I lose weight for real. In the past I've gone on health kicks, lost a few pounds, gotten discouraged and quit. I've done Optavia (formally medifast) for 3 weeks and I'm torn about if it is the right plan for me. I would appreciate advice from anyone who has used this program, quit this program and found success elsewhere, or has lost a significant amount of weight.

A little about me:
I'm in my late 20s, female, and weigh a little over 400 lbs. I have no weight related health issues (blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels, etc. are normal) but my weight has been an issue my entire life. In the past 2 years I've gained over 100 lbs after some life changes lead to really unhealthy habits and it's starting to affect my quality of life.

The diet:
I started the program after a smaller family member had success shedding 35lbs in a few months. After 3 weeks of faithfully following the diet I've lost 16lbs, which is great in a sense, but I'm miserable. I've cut out carbs with no issue (which was a shock to me) and adjusted to the lower calories, but I HATE the prepackaged food. Most of it leaves a taste in my mouth that leaves me gagging. I dread the 3 hour mark when I have to eat again. Most of it has a chemically taste that seems over processed even for someone who has long lived on processed foods.

I also dislike its extreme strictness. Not eating pasta, rice, bread, dairy, and alcohol has been hard, but doable, but this diet also demands no fruit or even carrots. I know the low carb thing is in vogue, but I'd like to think that a healthy diet is also a well-rounded diet. It also leaves little room for a release valve. It claims that to work you must be 100% adherent, 100% of time. That's one thing if you're planning to do it for 8 weeks to drop some quick poundage, but any diet I choose will need to be long term, probably years, to get to anything close to a healthy weight, and then I need to be prepared to maintain it since I gain weight very easily.

It's also really expensive and I'm not sure I could even afford to do it long-term.

I guess I know this program isn't right for me, but I feel like a failure for giving up. I still feel very motivated to change my life, but I'm at loss for what to do now. I've researched keto diets, Weight Watchers (which I'm leaning towards), macro counting, but it all feels too much to sift through and contradictory. I'm not looking for a miracle diet, or the latest fad, I'm looking for real sustainable change for the long-haul, but where do you begin?
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Im sure I will be the minority here but what if you just started with portion control and calorie counting. I did it and it worked for me. NOW in all honesty I quit measuring and put the weight back on but when I did it it worked. I measured what I ate. I ate out of a baby bowl and with baby utensils. When I was out of calories for the day I QUIT. NOTHING else to eat for the day. I found that if I went to bed hungry I was more aware of the calories that made me full vs what "wasn't worth it".

Either way... Welcome and best of luck to you
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Hi Kajun, I'm new to the forum.....I don't even know how to do a ticker I read your post and I could have written it myself. This is so hard and such a challenge. I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm struggling myself. I do wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you. I agree with WannaB, maybe try moderation for a while. I found calorie counting to be much easier than cutting carbs. I could eat what I wanted, but just in moderation and within calorie limits. It is much more freeing. The low/no carb lifestyle just doesn't seem like a lifelong reality to me. I am in need of losing weight very quickly so I can have surgery on my foot, so I'm going a bit more extreme and using the medifast products 5 & 1 program. It's also not a lifelong realistic diet. It is short term, and helps you get weight off quickly. I am hoping during this journey I can learn some healthier ways of eating so I can transition off medifast with a healthier attitude. I wish you luck. Hang in there.
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Count calories. Honestly you won't find better way to do that. Eat in deficit by about 500 calories and you will lose weight and keep it off as well.
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Sounds like your instincts are trying to tell you something. Don't call this a failure, because it isn't. It's you being smart enough to figure out what does and doesn't work for you. And all diets work - the question is whether you can eat that way for the rest of your life. That said, there are things you'll need to get strict about if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

I also get the sense that you're panicking a bit, which I think may be driving some of your decision-making. You do not have to pressure yourself to lose ALL THE WEIGHT RIGHT NOW. It's OK just to let yourself be as you take time to work things through.
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I failed at counting calories because of the cravings. It does not work for everyone because the cravings for trigger foods or the compulsion to snack can be so high. I tried Bright Line Eating and it is the first thing that has worked for me in over 35 years. I also failed at Cornerstone which is kind of like Medifast I think (2 meals a day of special shakes and one with certain components)

Every one is different you need to figure out why you failed at something you already tried, what could you do to prevent failure, and if you can't figure it out, try something different.

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Hi, Kajun!

I’m in Louisiana too! I’m going to reply as a fellow local who is surrounded by too much great food at all times. All of our social interactions are deeply associated with food, and that’s driven into us as children. It’s a pickle.

Calorie counting is fine and dandy if you have the control for it, but I personally do not. Food makes me feel good, and it’s hard to get around that. The key to my success will be an increase in activity, the willingness to research and execute healthier ways to make my favorite comforting recipes, and rehabilitating my relationship with food.

Do you have an opportunity to cook for yourself? I would also recommend seeing an endocrinologist to make sure your hormones aren’t sabotaging you.

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Hello, how are you doing now?

Don't feel bad about yourself. You tried a diet, you found out it's not right for you and you're moving on. That's ok, that's life. The truth is that most diets work and you have to pick one that you can stick with for the rest of your life for at least 5 days per week. It's ok to try different things and see what fits best.

All changes are hard and I have a feeling you tried to change your habbits to much too quickly.

Why do you have to eat prepackaged food? You mean prepared meals that you just heat up? It's really really hard to work 10 hours per day, cook, exercise and take care of family. But time expends depending on what your priorities are. Why would you eat someting you don't like? That sounds a little silly. :-)
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