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Default New here

Hello! I am new here and looking to get more motivated to lose weight. I am 5'1 and am currently around 195, been trying to get the number down for a while but nothing I try seems to work I'm 17 (18 very soon) and go to an online school (which means I do a lot of sitting around all day, which probably doesn't help). I used to gain weight when restricting myself to 1200 calories per day (was on this plan for several months, so it's not like I tried for 2 weeks and wasn't happy with results), so now I'm down to 800-1000 depending on what I decide to eat that day (typically a lot of veggies and protein). I try to go to the gym every other day and do a mile of fast walking (have a knee issue so can't run without pain) or biking combined with weights. I'm a cosplayer and I'm also into Japanese fashion (more specifically lolita) and want to look (and feel) better for both hobbies. I have a convention coming up in July, so I am more motivated than I normally am to shed some pounds and get closer to my goal!
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I think 800 calories per day is too little. If you were eating 1200 calories per day and still gaining weight, you may have been eating the wrong foods. What you eat is more important than how much you eat. You mention veggies and protein. What type of vegetables? What do you eat for protein? Are you getting enough fat in your diet?

What type of weightlifting exercises do you do?

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