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Default Hello from downunder

So I stumbled across the site by accident and Iím glad to find an online community that I know how to use.

So Iím 38 soon to head into my last year of a 30 something eeek and late last year NOvemeber the 8th to be precise I started my journey.

A little about me...Iím in a little country town in Sth Australia. I have no children, and I have a partner who isnít excited about my weight loss like I am. (A little self esteem problem I think, however he isnít my weight so I donít know what his problem is)
So in NOvemeber I started optifast. This week I moved to Isowhey due to taste and finances. And for my meals Iíve incorporated Keto recipes. Ballsy move I know but omg there is only so much a girl could take. Hence another reason why I also went to isowhey when optifast is very low cal. However Iím still finding Iím below my calorie intake for the day most days.

My weighty stuff is in my profile
However just a snap shot
In NOvemeber I was at my heaviest. 161kgs. God I hated myself and for those that know me, always see my as happy and go lucky and yeah I was like 😮
So I decided to do something. I started walking and doing optifast after a month though I found I was doing 6kms a day in an hour and then another 5-6kms at work. So I stopped walking and now do body groove. Itís awesome. Plus I have a splashier pool and being summer Iím in it most days. And just playing around for a couple of hours burns heaps of calories so yay 👍🏻.
Sooo about 10 weeks in Iím at 143.9kgs.
My goals are 10kgs apart and each goal Iíve decided to do something nice for myself. Not clothes though. Iím waiting till Iím at my goal weight. Which is 100kgs. I know I could go more but Iím like the last time I was 100kgs I was like 18. Itís enough for now and thatís 61kgs.

anyways enough of my words.
Hope people stop by and say hello.
So Helle o
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Hi GDU, I live just round the corner! (sort of).
Big congrats on the 18kg - that's a fantastic effort.
I've not heard of the food things you're trying, but I've just (re) started on my plan with calorie counting, so I can relate to that bit.
Whatever you're doing it's working - and also great that you're not letting your partner influence your resolve.
Great idea for the mini-goals. I'm trying to think of one for myself - probably after a certain time-period of sticking to plan (not food or clothes related either), haven't quite decided yet.....
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