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Smile Happy to Have Found You!

Hi Guys - I have been an active participant in the Jenny Craig Forum and thought I would see what other supportive forums are there for weight maintainers and found this site. So hoping to get to know you guys and provide and get support. One thing I think I have discovered is that I can't do life as a thin person alone... it requires support.

Ill keep my intro history short - I was fat and now I am thin! OK too short.
Try again - Highest weight 246.25 and size 26W (what was the w for?) and lost weight originally in Overeaters Anonymous and kep 100 pounds off for over 10 years (weighing and measuring my food, 3 meals a day , nothing in between. no flour, sugar or alcohol). Over the years I went off the program.. did various diets, but rejoined Jenny Craig Aug 13, 2016 - at 207.8 (I am 5'7.5") and post 1-2.5 lbs per week, loved the food (and volumizing with spiralized zucchini and all sorts of veggies) . All along the way thinking about maintenance - because most f us have lost and gained it back.

So to keep the weight off I use a lot of JC food and principles, track everything in MFP (My Fitness Pal) and attend OrangeTheory class 5 days a week. (High Intensity Intervals). So now am in best shape of my life - size 6 (WHAAAT???) and 139.6 lbs (goal range).

Anyway - I still have food issues. Eat a ton of veggies... need to work on things like that - but am very excited to be keeping the weight off.

So if you are new or struggling or on the long trek towards your goal... it is sooo worth it. and just keep working it. Find a plan you can continue for life. SOunds funny coming form someone on Jenny Craig? But I will continue the principles (portion sizes, always having food ready and available, and weighing in at the JC center weekly).

OK glad to be here - I know it's work - and I know I need support so glad I found you guys!!!

Where I am at today. After OA at age 35 I had Abdomnioplasty and Thigh surgery -(Lipectomy) to get rid of the excess skin. Well of course that did not work on my thighs 100% and I never did the breasts. So at 54, on Dec 21 I am going into get a breast lift and smallish implants. So I can wear a normal bra or even a t-shirt or nightgown without my breasts hitting my belly button. So I cant believe I am going to do this. I am looking forward to it.. ALmost wish it would cure some of the extra skin elsewhere - but I look great in clothes - and don't think it is worth it fixing anything else.. So Breats it is.. wish me luck!

Looking forward to getting to know you guys!
PS I loaded before and after picture to my profile. Could not figure out how to attach to the post.

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Welcome MissBumble
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