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Default New and feeling discouraged

Hey guys!
I'm new to the forum and honestly new to the entire idea of speaking about my weight loss with anyone that isn't my husband.
I grew up in small town Ontario Canada and growing up I was always one of the thinnest people in my class every year. Fast forward from 2006 when I graduated high school and now, my husband and I have 3 children 6 and under. My body has gone through tremendous growth and feats but it doesn't change the fact that my new body isn't the one I want. Leaving high school I was 117lbs. Obviously totally not what I want to be now, a nice 125lbs would be grand.
Now, I consistently go to the gym, in spring/summer/fall i play on an outdoor soccer league and continue indoor throughout the winter. I started my serious commitment to weight loss in March of 2017 (this year) at my highest weight of 217lbs. I am now sitting at 180lbs with another 55lbs left to lose.
I feel like i'm doing everything right, counting calories, cut out carbs (keto diet), no sugar and constant exercise. But I've stalled and I'm not sure where to go from here. Just feeling defeated and like all of this work is getting me nowhere quickly.
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First of all, congratulations on that stellar weight loss! Woot! Woot! You've done the hardest thing ... getting started. And you've lost all that since March! I think you're doing fabulously.

I have been where you are, with three small children and weight to lose. Try not to be discouraged. I personally can't recommend the keto type of diet ... I am of a belief that we need healthy carbs/starches to feed our bodies and most importantly, our brains. But everyone has a different philosophy about that, so I don't want to argue the point. I am a semi-vegetarian; I eat a lacto-ovo diet most of the time, fish about once a week, and occasionally when I am out, chicken or turkey. I've tried all sorts of diets, including keto types. What I'm finding is that going back to my roots is working for me: an exchange type of plan (old Weight Watchers) that allows me to eat from a varied spectrum of foods. Journaling my food intake helps tremendously. Vegan did not work for me because it felt too restrictive. Can you share what you are eating in a given day?
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discouraged, sad, stall

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