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Default Not new, but new-ish, LOL!

Okay, so here goes.
As my topic line says, I am not new to the weight loss game, only new-ish. I first started my journey on January 26, 2011 when I walked through the doors of my local Weight Watchers chapter. I weighed 205 pounds and knew something had to change.

Between then and May 29, 2012, I lost 65 pounds, and got my Lifetime status. I was really proud of myself and the work I had done, and for the first time in my life, I felt comfortable in my own skin.

But, as so often happens, I fell into the trap of thinking that I could maintain all on my own, without keeping up with the program. I stopped going to the meetings, and before I knew it, the weight crept back up.

I rejoined Weight Watchers in February of this year, at which time I weighed 191 pounds. I'm now down to 175 pounds, but it has been so, so much harder losing the weight this time. I find the new incarnation of the WW program (SmartPoints) to be much more restrictive than PointsPlus, so that's one issue. But there's another issue that I only just realized is an issue.

When I lost the weight the first time, I just...did it. I counted my points, I did my exercise (which at the time was mostly walking) and that was it. But about a year or so ago, I started using a Fitbit. I know it's supposed to be a great motivator, and I love seeing the numbers go higher and higher...but lately I've realized that a) the calorie counts it gives are most likely highly inaccurate and b) I'm using it as an excuse to eat more. Like, "Oh, my Fitbit says I burned 800 calories at the gym! I can totally have that ice cream!"

Yeah...that's not helping me.

So I have made the (admittedly difficult) decision to toss my Fitbit into my drawer and just enjoy my exercise for the way it makes me feel -- just like I did the first time around.

Thanks for putting up with my mini-novel. I'm hoping to make some friends here.
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