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Thumbs up New and in desperate need of help and motivation

Hello, my name is Jazmín, I'm 23 years old, I'm 5' and my weight is around 140 pounds.

I'm not sure how to start any of this for this is the first time I try to join or seek help for losing weight. I've always been overweight for my height, pretty much since preschool. Always have been incredibly over conscious, almost paranoid of how other people viewed me.

My weight has been fluctuating since high school. I've done (one month) of the Insanity program every vacation for the past 2 years, but I've recently had a a small incident that provoked or detonated a genetic back problem. I got diagnosed with scoliosis ( the curvature of my spine is less than 10° I believe). Also, my doctor's running some blood tests because I may have some thyroid/hormonal problems. Now that I've finished college and that I'm now conscious of my health problems, I'm desperately trying to lose weight for my graduation ceremony.

I wasted 2 to 3 weeks pitying myself after I got the news of my back problem pretty much because my hopes of starting off fresh from college, and looking slim for my graduation ceremony were, in my overly dramatic way of thinking, lost for good, for I couldn't do the only types of exercises I truly believed on.

I've now got a goal set in mind. I plan to lose 30 to 40 pounds from this day, June 29th of 2017 to September 29th 2017, aka my graduation day, exactly THREE MONTHS from today. That would pretty much be my mid term goal, my long term goal would be to keep the weight off and having a healthy lifestyle, with no health problems.

I guess that I mainly wrote this thread to introduce myself, my goals, and to ask for help and advice concerning safe weight loss when you have hormonal and back problems. I would also LOVE to have friends to share my journey with, keep motivated and maybe just to chat. Other than that I'm ready to start sweating my butt off and finally start doing something about my health.

Hope this wasn't to big of an introduction.

Best wishes to everyone,
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Hi Jazmin!

Congratulations on finishing school!

I've always been overweight as well - since I was a child. Ten(ish) years ago - I lost a ton of weight and then my job situation changed and I put it all back on due to stress, lack of taking time to workout, etc.

Recently, I've gained another 50 lbs!! It came on very quickly and I'm tired of it! I am here to get started again as well and I'd love to help motivate you through your journey!

How have things been going so far? You are a little over a week in...have you done a weigh in?
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Welcome, Jazmín!

I've got thyroid disease (Hashimotos) and also I'm in perimenopause so my hormones are whacked. The most helpful things for me have been to get my thyroid meds dosed right for me and to keep my carbohydrate intake lower. I think many women, particularly ones with hormone issues, struggle with weight loss when they eat too many carbs. Plus, the standard western diet is way too high in carbs anyway. One of the most helpful programs for me was the Primal Blueprint, a paleo variant that is less strict than paleo and does a superb job of explaining why carbs should be limited. You can check it out for free at . Click on the "about" link and read "primal blueprint 101" and then start reading the success stories and you'll be hooked.

Good luck!
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