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Question New here?

Hi, guys! I am really new here, not sure how this site works, but I want that commitment and support that I hear you need to have a successful weight loss journey. I am only 5'2" and I weigh 342 pounds. I am a very depressed person with severe anxiety and PTSD. I have a gym membership, but I only go when my boyfriend is there, as I will literally have an anxiety attack if I try to go alone, so I am curious to know how you get yourselves motivated, what you eat, I do have an overall goal of 142, but my first goal is to get under 300, I am the biggest I have ever been in my entire life right now, and with so many negative things happening around me, I just want to surround myself with positivity, and goal oriented people who we can push each other, not shame each other.
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Hey Jrev, welcome to 3FC! You've come to the right place for positivity and encouragement!

I also deal with anxiety, though I was probably never as severe as you describe. That's actually one of my main motivations to exercise. I find that if I'm exercising daily, my anxiety slows down and, over time, ceases altogether. I am in a much better place now than I was in high school and the end of college, when I was having panic attacks and hyperventilation episodes 2-5 times a week. A big reason why I'm feeling so much better is just by becoming more active. If I fall off the wagon and stop exercising, my anxiety slowly returns and gets worse. It's good motivation for me not to fall off the wagon.

I personally avoid the gym, though. I take walks or ride my bike, and do more strenuous activity (in the form of workout videos) in the comfort and emotional safety of my own home. If you're feeling anxious and can't get out the door to go to the gym, remember that Youtube is always an option.

In short, we're all here for you, and best of luck on your journey! You can totally do it!

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Hello from another 5'2" er with a history of anxiety.

I don't go to the gym but at about 54lbs down 46lbs to go, I'm beginning to think about one of those wonder core machines I see advertized on TV.

I do walk a lot, though, well, it feels a lot for me. Always 4 miles a day, occasionally up to 10.

The way I (try to) handle the anxiety and food, anxiety and walking thing is first of all to stop feeling so guilty about having anxiety - it's there, it comes up to bite me sometimes, I acknowledge it and then try and work around it/with it instead of fighting it.
So I make plans. Not so much these days, because it's all ticking over nicely at the moment but in the past, and I bring it back up if I start to feel overwhelmed:
I love to make timetables, like a class timetable for school, and I write in when I plan to walk, and how far. Then I praise myself when I do it, even if the plan was only to walk to the end of the street and back. It's not just a start, it's a huge achievement!

Same idea with what I eat. I'm currently trying the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan. It's working well for me but I'm no expert, I'm not in a position to recommend it to people.
I plan what I'm going to eat, try hard to stick to the calorie allowance I'm working to, and praise myself to the skies when I do it.

For me, weightloss and dealing with anxiety is about a sense of control. Heck, on days when I go and tidy up the "filing" (a box that I dump paperwork in), or iron the tea-towels, I feel more organized, more in control, and less anxious.

Forgive me waffling on a lot. I think the key is to set oneself small targets. Even if we know it's a tiny target, when we set it and achieve it and praise ourselves for it, it establishes a pattern of being in control and of being successful.

Big hug, and good luck
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Default Thanks

Thanks the encouragement guys very much appreciated!! I do feel after exercising I feel so much better, its getting over that hump to exercise, but I am starting to get more and more organized with everything rather than just trying to lose on a whim. I'm excited to see where this takes me and I hope to make a lot of friends in the process!
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I also have anxiety. I can do ok in public but I don't interact with people too much. But I work out at home. I get better results following an at-home program and it saves me money in the long run.

Welcome to 3FC!
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I totally understand that whole "getting over the hump" thing! I've been going to the gym for about 2 1/2 months now and I find that after making myself go so many times it has definitely gotten easier. Like you I always feel great when I helps me seeing the progress of weight coming off, and of feeling better in general. My back no longer aches when I get out of bed in the morning. It's not just the weight loss, but the strengthening of my body as well. I'm trying to pay less attention to the pounds and more attention to how my clothes fit, and have been measuring my waist. Strength training is great for fat burning, but muscle also weighs more than fat so you can't just go by the numbers on the scale. My gym also has a pool and I love to swim, so at first it was really the pool that got me there...I'd tell myself to just work out first, then I could go swimming
Added to this I also have made a lot of dietary changes...cutting out processed garbage and really paying attention to what I'm eating and what ingredients are in my food. It's not a diet, just a lifestyle change and I feel so much better. I'm only down about 15 pounds, but have lost 3" from my waist, so it motivates me to keep going with what I've been doing.
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Hi! I am new here also, and I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I am 47 years old, I have a gym membership and I haven't been in months
Would love to make friends here and help each other out! I weigh 230 highest in my life.
nice to meet you!
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hard work, support, weight loss

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