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Lightbulb I love food too much, so here I am!

Hello 3fathchicks family,

I think this is an incredibly cute title for a forum! I wanted to start by explaining why I'm here and what I want to share with you all. I'm 23 this year and one year out of university from the UK. I have to say I've spiraled out of control with my weight in the last 2 years and in turn lost all confidence and direction in life.

I'm currently in a very negative space where I use food to fill my need for friends, a job, things to do and sometimes I use food as an escape more than the function of filling my hunger. I feel that everytime I'm not around food or chewing on something tasty that I'm not enjoying my life to the fullest.

This thought pattern is fueled by my family further as we all love food and family time is always around a table of delicies. I find it harder and harder to control my apetite and found myself sneaking out of my room to go eat various biscuits, fruit, bread, yogurt after dinner while everyone is sleeping.

There is definitely a sense of shame and filling a void while I do this.

I do think I might need professional help or at least advice to help guide me to recovery. I sound like an addict but really I am. Im addicted to food because I no longer use food to nurture my body but fill me until I can't breathe or feel like puking. This is also called binging is it not?

I'm also dealing with depression although I'm still in denial about this. I feel like it is because I'm not trying to uplight myself daily and that my father is a major source of my depression as his presence gives me pressure and I hate the fact that I live with him because the way our communication is, I feel like I'm at his mercy instead of being his equal.

I hate my life currently and I want to focus on getting better through improving physical health by losing weight and strengthening while becoming mentally stronger.

Hope to share success tips and receive some support from the community here at 3fatchicks!

Warm regards,

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Hey Mapletree..I am pretty new..In fact I just signed up, but I wanted to pop on and say hi. I hope you can find the support here you need!
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Hi, welcome to the forum. Sounds like there is a lot going on. Maybe try and see a therapist under the NHS? Also, you have finished uni, are you working? It sounds like it's time for you to move out of the family home, are you planning on doing that?

How about you try doing simple things to get the ball rolling, try and get 8 hours sleep, try to drink more water, try and eat some more veg, do a small walk each day or other exercise.

Why not join a meetup group nearby to do something that interests you, and meet some new people. It may help you feel less isolated.

While you are still at home can you try and help in the preparation of food and add in more vegetables or prepare an additional veg dish.

Sleep, water and exercise will help you get a handle on things mentally initially. Try and increase the good fats and reduce the carbs and increase your veg intake and your cravings should decrease.

Don't try and do too much at once, maybe one diet change and one physical/social change at a time.

There is always help on the forum, so use it as much as possible in your jiurney

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depression, introductions, my story, new beginnings

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