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Default 27y/o with PCOS and Hypothyroidism

Hello, I am a 27 year old with PCOS and hyperthyroidism. I have decided to join this forum because my weight is at its absolute sky high! I am a recent graduate with my doctorate in physical therapy and am still (4 months later) looking for that full time job. While I don't think my weight has turned employers away, it makes me incredibly self conscious. 70 pounds ago I was on my first clinical rotation, standing at 5'11" and 270lb (my then heaviest) when a patient who I merely checked on to make sure she was comfortable as she belonged to another therapist, told me, "you know, you should really lose some weight. Go jogging (and proceeds to faux jog while lying on her back)". I some how held it together, backed out of the room, and went to the bathroom to splash water on my face....

In undergrad I worked as a personal trainer, I was 242lb but very active and I loved to lift weights! I had a male owner of the club that I worked at who said, "the things I could do with that body"...while he was very image-centric and trained body builders and was likely referring to my stature and the idea that I could be quite strong, the reception of that comment was seen in 2 lights by my fellow personal trainers and coworkers--who always supported me: 1) what an ***-he's calling you fat, and 2) that's sexual harassment!

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 14. I had horrible cysts but thankfully--none of the high testosterone and male hair growth etc symptoms. I also was not insulin resistant but I went on an insulin resistant diet to try to protect myself. I cut out refined carbohydrates--limited my sugar to 7g/serving (something I could easily control with just nutrition label reading) and stopped eating white bread, white pasta etc. I ate Barilla plus for pasta with its 17g protein and legumes and other good stuff and when I wanted dessert I had sugar free options. Over about 4 months I dropped from 249lb to 207ish and stayed there until college.

So the math there... 347-207=140lb gain! It seems unreal. I was diagnosed hypothyroid at 18 and it has never been controlled for more than 6 months at a time--I constantly have to up my dose! I am currently at 275micrograms/day. I have recently restarted metformin as well--to assist with weight loss with the goal of 500mg 3x/d with meals and I am only at 500mg/d due to side effects.

So now I am loving my career choice but feel limited in my abilities, my activities, my social life, and have absolutely no energy. I for the most part have maintained my diet but have fallen way off track with exercise due to my chronic fatigue. I am looking for support, guidance, basically any positive influence.

I am pretty sure that is the most I have ever said about myself and the most personal! Hope all is well!

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Hi notsofit,

I think it's great that you are doing well with your diet. Diet is said to be 80 percent for losing weight. I am having a similar problem, I have neglected exercise and have been eating really healthily for a week but have to force myself to exercise. I am planning to walk/jog for 20 minutes in the morning then do a few lunges and so on just to ease in gently. Hope I was of some help and best of luck with your journey
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