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Unhappy Stuck in a vicious cycle w/ weight & anxiety

Hello everyone!

I am never really sure what to say in an introduction. So here's a bunch of randomness.
  • I am 32 years old.
  • I suffer from anxiety.
  • Normally I am able to keep my anxiety under control.
  • My weight gives me even more anxiety.
  • The more I weigh and the longer I weigh so much, the less I am able to control my anxiety.
  • In my head, I am a fit, athletic woman with a powerful presence.
  • What stares back at me in the mirror is an out-of-shape, insecure woman who dreads being noticed.
  • I tend to distance myself from everything and everyone.
  • Nobody (family, husband) knows how to help me with this.
  • I am hoping someone here can offer some insight or at the very least relate.
So is that enough randomness with my introduction, or have I just left you with more questions?

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Find some that works for you.

Play around.

I like running. Weight training. Boxing. And salsa dancing.

All of these kill my anxiety.

Which is why I like doing them.

And as a side effect they aid weightloss. But diet mostly does that.

Job done.
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yes, I can relate, I also deal with anxiety. For me sticking with the same diet range of foods that I know keeps me satisfied and not have to think about what to eat each day, lessens my anxiety. Another thing that helps me is walking two times a day for 20min. I actually do this in my house and just walk from one end to another and put the timer on. I find this really helps lessen my anxiety as I walk and think things through. Then I'm ready for my day.
When I am experiencing anxiety when I'm out, I'll often stop and buy a few packs of gum and just chew through the whole pack and that seems to lessen my anxiety too...takes the edge off and gets me through...then the feeling usually passes ( I use to stop and buy candy when I would feel like that)
Recently I added meeting a group that is walking outside twice a a nice pace for me...all these things have helped...I kept adding something each week...if it worked I keep it, if it causes me more anxiety I drop it...just get can do it!!!! Figure out what works for you.
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I have anxiety too and in my head, I am basically an athletic beyonce... then a big blob stares at me in the mirror...and to my anxiety i think "im gooing to be alone forever because of this" and "this is why no one likes you" etc etc....
I am not sure what the answer is... for me, meds are key but not "the answer". The more I work out the better I feel but getting there and doing it with anxiety is the hard part... afterwards I feel great! I started making my alarms labelled with things like "Go to the gym you always feel better after" and reminders that the anxiety and depression that keeps me from the gym is relieved by the gym.
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