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Default New-just checking in


My name is Sam and I am new at this. I have tried dieting many times over the year, but in the end I give in and never make it more that 2 weeks. I am new to the forum scene and have never done anything like this before. I am nervous and unsure about that to say, but hopeful that this will give me the push that I need to make more lasting changes. As I mentioned, I have tried exercising and dieting in the past, but it does not last long and I always feel as though I have no support. I am hoping that this forum and the wonderful ladies on here will be able to fill that gap for me.

I have always been bigger. I used to get made fun of for being larger in middle school and high school by the other kids. On top of the weight, I am large chested. I would wear clothes that were 3 sizes to large to try and conceal what was underneath. Freshman year of college, I lost 50 pounds without trying. the college did not allow freshman to have cars on campus and therefore I had to walk to get everything that I needed. the college lunch hall also had strict hours and many times I missed meals because I would have classes during those times. the mix of these two changes created the perfect fit for the weight loss. However, in the spring semester of my sophomore year, I met my now husband. He lived in an apartment close by had a car (I was still not driving at the time) and we spent most of our time together. My activity level dropped drastically and the easy access to food made it easy for the weight to come back on.

Now I spend most of my day in a car or at my desk. I also am doing online classes for my Master's program and working 14 hours a week at an internship. I have little time for activity and have seen a drastic increase in my weight. Over the past 5 years I have gained 70 pounds. I think constantly about how I look and cry often. I am ashamed of my body and often tell my husband that I am sorry that he has to look at me this way. Lately I have become more motivated to make a change and stop sitting on the floor crying about the way I look. I will be quitting my full time job in 3 months and focusing on school, going back full time for one year to finish my program. I am riding on this motivation to make permanent changes in my diet and exercise habits. I am using this forum as a way to meet others going through the journey as well and to create some accountability for myself.

I am excited to begin working with all of you and want to take this time to say that I am proud that I am here as well as all those that are starting with me as well.

Thank you

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Welcome, Sam!

Everyone has to start somewhere. It's great that you are ready to make changes. There are many great forums around here where you can stay engaged with others who are making changes. I'm new here, too, but I'm already losing weight because I have people that I consider myself to be accountable to.

Best wishes with your weight loss journey!
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