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Cool 1 begins now.

Hello All. I'm new to site, trying to have a sounding board for this time at weight loss. I've had a lot of changes the last few months. New baby, graduated nursing school, passed boards, began new/first nursing job (full time after being PRN for ever), two kids versus just one. My family has had to adapt to all these new changes...while hanging out in my parents basement until we save up our down payment for a new home. I'm stressed, I'm working third shift, my sleep/eating pattern is jacked up, I don't exercise, and I still have that antepartum belly going on. All these things pile up but I don't want to bug the peeps I love. Life is hard enough with out reminding every one. But recently I didn't just have a change to adapt to...I miscarried unexpectedly. It's been two weeks - I'm crawling into bed when I should be reading stories with my four year old, or helping my husband cook dinner because we're the best team ever, or not crying when I'm rocking my 5 month old to sleep. I should be focused on my challenging and exciting career. I'm probably depressed, grieving. The world won't stop and wait for me. I'm overweight, unfit, and unhappy despite my many blessings. I used to be a division I cross country runner. This morning I'm going for my first jog in years. I've got stuff to work through, and running or more like power walking for my skill level, will be my way of processing. (And lose a bunches of weight) I don't want to stress any one but I ask you all on this Valentine's Day, who are also struggling with weight and the pressures of daily life to please know that I appreciate and need a sounding board. I hope to talk with others that relate and connect in a way to help also encourage you as well.
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Ashles - I don't know if you'll see this, since you posted this a whole day ago. I'm very sorry for your loss. You are such a strong person, reaching out to talk to people while you are in a state of grief. This is a hugely supportive forum. I am sure that you will find others who are struggling with challenges in their lives to share your own challenges with.

I could be one! I put on a very cheery front on the boards, but I am actually dealing with depression while also trying to lose weight.
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Hi there!
I just wanted to say I am so sorry that things have been so difficult but you have made an important decision to make a change! We are all here having similar challenges and we can be each other's support system!!
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Hi Ashles
I am so sorry as well for your loss. After my son was born 10yrs ago I hemorrhaged severly and 14mo after I was diagnosed with PTSD from it.Here I was I had a loving husband,2 beautiful healthy kids and a great career,I am an ultrasonographer and I felt empty,like a hollow shell of myself.I then ,from the stress,went through complete menopause in 3 yrs.I am telling all this because other than the 20lbs I need to lose,I have recovered from such a dark time.You are doing the right thing by reaching out,exercise will help with the endorphins,but its ok to cry ,be kind to yourself.Best wishes to you
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