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Default Hello, can you help me?

So, here's the deal, I'm 5'2 and I'm going to college (hopefully I get a seat somewhere first lol) in about a month and twenty days. The thing is, the last year at school has been very stressful with exams and I tend to binge a LOT so now I weigh about 150 pounds.

I just want to get leaner and put on some muscles. I think I'll follow this simple workout I found online and cut off all the junk food I eat. Now that its vacation time, I don't feel stressed out and so I can control my urge to eat.

I just want to ask one question, is it actually possible to loose fat in your thighs? Mine were always fat even as a kid when I was pretty normal sized. Now, they're huge and I don't have hope. I'm not trying to be vain, my lower legs are lean and so I get tired more easily. Besides because of these legs I don't wear jeans.

Also hi, I'm fun.
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Oh, chubby thighs!!! That is my concern too!!! I've always had chubby thighs, and of course they just got bigger while I gained weight. We all carry weight differently and its definitely where my body likes to put it!

I can't speak 100% for you, cause we all react differently, but if you loose a significant amount of weight, unless you have some medical problem that prevents it, it will eventually dissapear a bit from your thighs. They will get smaller... Maybe at a slower rate than other parts of you, but it WILL happen!

I started at 194 and I'm currently at 153. I still have chubby thighs, and I don't feel like I've lost any weight in there but I know I have because my clothes are looser around there. I still have a ways to go to a healthy goal, but it is possible!!! Yay!!! I also make sure, cause I'm extra sensitive about my thighs, to do some leg exercises for them.

So welcome and good luck! So glad you're noticing and making a change now, wish I had not denied my weight and waited. You'll do great

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Originally Posted by SenseAndSensibility View Post
We all carry weight differently and its definitely where my body likes to put it!
Definitely agree with this, and I think it's less damaging to long-term health if you carry your weight in your thighs, hips and *** instead of around your waist, so... there's that scant consolation!

I am the same - always had 'thicker' thighs even at a low weight (although when I look back at pictures from then I'm like....'er... really? what thighs?'. But it's true).

SWIMMING was great for me when I was fit - it kind of leans out the top part of your inner leg. Any kind of body-weight exercises focusing on your legs will help - you won't get bulky.

I find vacation time is a really good time to start, too.... good luck!
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Thanks people!

Good luck with your goals too.
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