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Default I'm asking for your help and support - Intro

Hi, All,

I came here today because I really learn a lot and enjoy online forums and communities. I belong to fashion, book and even a dog food advisor forums. I learn a lot and always appreciate the sense of community I get from them. That being said - today has been a very dark day for me.

I'm 32 years old. Married for 1 year (happily) just moved out of NYC and back to my home state of Michigan, moving to Vermont soon. Very happy to be out of the busy city that depressed me so much and back in nature.

For the last 6 months, every time I get on the scale I'm the heaviest I've ever been. I spent most of college battling anorexia and exercise bulimia. Got down to 107 at 5'6. Found my happy weight at 125-130 through most of my twenties and since meeting my husband back in 2011 I have ballooned to just 10lbs shy of 200lbs. I was 150 on my wedding day and I've gained 30lbs in my first year of marriage. I feel winded, I'm out of shape, none of my clothes fit well even though I keep buying "fat" clothes and then growing out of them.

My muscles ache and I just feel so unhealthy - yet - my addiction to food keeps roaring - I've even turned to alcohol and I'm sure most of my weight is due to that. Nightcaps every night to distract myself from feeling horrible. What's worse is that I fear I'm turning into my mother, who was morbidly obese all my life. 4 years ago she had surgery but she is slowly putting the weight back on.

I'm here because I need support, friendship and accountability. I'm not sure how members make online friends here. Maybe just PMing each other and updating? I'm not sure of my goals. Other than to get down to my natural, happy weight of 130lbs. And to be able to go out and see friends and family. The thought of them realizing how much weight I've gained over the last year shames me like I can't even believe. Thank you, everyone. Please PM me your story or share it here.
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Welcome to 3FC! We make friends by just chatting in threads. We try to keep each other supported, motivated, and accountable. Good luck to you in your journey!
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Welcome! I've just started my journey last month to lose 100 pounds. Are you going to be following a particular diet?
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I haven't made any strong personal connections but I also haven't tried. I like the general support and opinions... I don't find much negativity here at all and someone will always answer a question of any kind! It's a very honest, free and supportive environment. If your goal is personal connections I have no doubt that you will make it.

I'm younger and shorter but in a similar boat to you. Recently married, and ballooning out (though mine started before the wedding). I almost hit 200 pounds at 194, and I'm much shorter than you!

I know we all have to feel that feeling of dissapoinent and fear when we see the numbers creep up... But don't let it hold you. Feel what you got to feel then shake it off at the end of the day. Coming here made me realize how lucky I was... I'm still young, haven't gotten into the 200's yet... Though still a challenge my journey isn't going to be as long or as difficult as others. Be proud you are dealing with this now, and that you took a stand. I'm not saying its not hard, but this is a first victory of many for you just by saying you want to change!

I understand the fear of becoming your mothers weight. My mother is obese too... But just by coming here, and by recognizing that, you've already stopped that process. You and I are not doomed to repeat our mother's relationship with food

As Can't wait 2b skinny, mentioned, having a plan is great step and start small. Doing something like cutting out three drinks a week to begin, and/or aiming for a three walks in the week or other exercise things you'll like is a great start.
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