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Wink New Chick

Hi everyone. So happy to have found this forum. Some support is just what I need and hope I can give. I've lost 30 lbs over 6 months and I am happy about that. Lately I have been having trouble losing more however. I am now at 374 and need to lose quite a bit more. I need hernia surgery and can't have it until I lose more weight.

I have a disorder that presents some obstacles with exercising although I am working around it as best I can. Hopefully reading your stories, tips and experiences will help motivate me and give me some ideas of ways to maximize my weight loss journey.

Can't wait to make some friends on here. I've sort of hidden in my house due to my embarrassment of my weight and as a result my social calendar is pretty empty.

I am hopeful and always positive for each pound shed.

A few things about me. I am 42 and happily divorced. When I was 36 i was diagnosed with Narcolepsy with the presence of Cataplexy, my cataplexy is severe and although helped with medication it is not completely controlled with has left me disabled. The is no cure for it but with prayer and hopefully weight loss I can improve. I am learning that allot of my health issues are due to my weight. While my doctors say it will not cure the attacks, perhaps it will help. Either way losing weight will help me in many other ways.

I love the Lord and am thankful for how far He has brought me on this journey so far. I love to crochet, I have a maltipoo named Onyx who is spoilt and full of love, enjoy singing, use to travel allot (miss that) and I love spending time with my parents and am thankful to have both of them still.

Nutritionally I strive to improve what I eat. Shopping the outer edges of the grocery store has helped me allot. Each month I change (improve) one thing in my life. Cut back on Caffeine, cut out processed foods, can foods (sodium reduction), switched to truvia/stevia, green smoothie (So good), Cut back on red meats, do not cook in oil and eat more raw veggies I am not on a diet. I am trying to reteach myself. Growing up southern my eating habits were greasy, salty, and loaded with carbs. Its hard but I find that changing one thing a month helps me not feel like everything is changing at once. I screw up some days and if I do I just get back on the horse and go again, but I try daily. I am big on making up healthy recipes......oh I ramble too.. hahaha Sorry..

Glad to be here 'yall
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Hey ClosetAuthor

Nice to meet you. Im Sam and Im 30 this year.

Ive newly joined the site and am looking to make some friends along the way as well.

I also have a condition that hinders my weight loss - good days are good, bad days are bad but Im hoping improving my diet and exercise will help. My condition is called labyrinthitis - its basically feeling like your spinning whilst standing on a boat, and it also triggers horrible anxiety attacks which were debilitating at the beginning but now I'm medicated they are much more manageable.

Also similar to you I try to challenge myself once a month which I know sounds daft from my POV but my eating is horrendous from my condition and I lived on the same maybe 8 foods for about 6 months. Now Im having to reteach myself to eat again so Im testing myself and trying at least one new food a month. If I feel braver I try a few more but its slow and steady at the minute and my diet is gradually improving.

Like you I also have a fur baby - I have two in fact - one named Mabel and one named Bruno. Bruno is a JRT and Mabel is some weird Heinz 57 thing - she came to us under horrible circumstances but she is a lovely little dog. I really should get out and walk them more.

Im currently at 182lbs and my goal weight is to be about 154lbs. My problem is I have a very sweet tooth and a sugar problem.

I look forward to talking to you more. Feel free to PM me if youd like to become diet buddys

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