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Smile Just Starting Out

Hello everyone!

I have lost weight before but I have regained way too much for me to feel comfortable in my body. I would like to lose 50lbs overall but that seems overwhelming right now. I have fallen out of the routine of exercising and watching what I eat so I feel a lot like a beginner.

I am hoping to find support and encouragement here. I would really love it if this place is somewhere I can turn to when I am struggling to make the necessary changes in my life. I believe that I am up for the challenge. In the past I have jumped in and become obsessive about my weight loss process which I recognize as both unhealthy and unsustainable. This time I would like to start with slowly changing my habits over a period of weeks and months. I want my progress to be slow enough to be sustainable and steady enough that I don't get frustrated and quit on myself again.

I have read some beautiful and encouraging posts by the members on this site and I am encouraged to give it a try.

For this first week I am going to focus on drinking at least one liter of water a day and one mug of green tea, as well as engaging in 20 minutes of intentional exercise per day.

It is so easier for me to want to change everything at once but I really want my transformation to come from a place of self-love this time rather than fear. I want to do this because I deserve to feel and look my best, not because I am afraid of judgement and criticism. I want this for me. I deserve to be healthy and happy, and so do you. I hope we can do this together!
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Hi and welcome. its great you have a plan. Stick with you plan.

One book i have read recently that i found motivating and healthy and i think it would feed into your program very much is the French women don't get fat book.

She also believes in making incremental changes. And she talks about ways to do it . I think her approach is very good and i have implemented some of her ideas into what i do. For instance, i now eat more courses most of the time. What i have found by doing that is that after each course i have a chance to recognise if i'm full or not and if i'm full i don't have to go and have another course.

I don't prepare all my courses in advance most of the time. I just have an idea of what i'm going to do. Besides my desserts are never cooked anyway. Its usually just fruit and yoghurt if i were to have it.
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Love4Me, I love your name! I'm just starting, too, and my goals are very similar.

You have a great attitude: sensible, realistic and positive. I KNOW you will do this. Good luck!

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Hi Love4Me!

I'm new too. Let's be in this together. No more dieting, losing weight, gaining it all back. I want to try and build healthy, sustainable habits that I can maintain for the rest of my life.
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Just remember it's not rocket science. it's calories consumed versus calories burned. You will get hungry. There is no such thing as going from 3000 calories a day down to less than 2000-1500 without some hunger pangs, no matter what anyone tells you. There's no magic pill, there is no specific diet that will cure that. There have been liquid, all protein diets that are known to take off weight quickly, but as soon as they eat a piece of bread they gain it all back plus some.

The good news is those hunger pangs will subside, and at that time you will be on your way to a healthier, happier you.

This a lifestyle change, meaning the key to long term success is eat less, move more. Two slices of bread turns into one, a piece of cake turns into a sliver and so on.

A great free app that is so helpful in determining what and how many calories you're consuming is myfitnesspal that you can sync with a Fitbit or jawbone up.i really can't say enough about these two items. They're easy and very helpful.

Good luck to you and welcome.

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