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Smile Hello Everybodeee!

After lurking forever I thought it would be a good idea to post and introduce myself.

I've had a weight problem for about 10 years now. I've been on diets twice and both times lost weight but then gained it back plus some more after awhile.

The first time I started at 220 and went down to 136. The 2nd time I started at 265 and went down to 113. This time I started at 341, the heaviest I ever was. I have trouble even walking at this point but I bought some biggest loser dvd's and I've been doing them everyday even though I feel like crap after and usually end up throwing up lol.

I've lost 8lbs so far and obviously I have many more to go and I'm hoping to find a support group here since like none of my friends have a weight problem and my husband is just too darn nice and likes me however I look lol.
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I don't really care for the Biggest loser. On this board we aren't in competition for "money" to see how much someone can lose in a certain amount of time. It's unrealistic. After all it doesn't account for the daily hoops that the average person jumps through during the day--juggling jobs/school and kids.

Here is a great site for you to determine where you are so you can start--and on the same site that tells you how many calories you should consume to get to your goal weight.

They recommend (for long term weight loss success) losing one to two pounds a week.

Judging from your tremendous weight loss two times in the past, you probably went on a pretty severe form of weird diet--only to eat a piece of bread and gain it all back--plus some.

It's time to get realistic with yourself--change some habits--and think of this as a lifetime of weight control without the word "diet" in it. IOW--a lot of times people confuse--calories with eating food that is considered bad. A calorie is a calorie no matter how you get it. That's very important to remember.

A sugar cookie is loaded with empty calories--where an apple is loaded with healthy calories and carbs. Protein and carbs in the right amount and right way will not only help you lose weight--but it will help you to keep it off.

Make a plan--be realistic--commit yourself to a Permanent life-style change of not only watching what you're eating but how much you're eating. Eat less move more--is the key.

It's not rocket science--calories consumed in a day versus calories burned in a day. If you can invest in a Fitbit or Jawbone UP that will sync with a great free app on your smart phone and or computer called myfitnesspal that makes it very easy to keep track of the calories your consuming in a day, and the other device will determine the steps you take in a day--giving an accurate account of your calories consumed versus calories burned.

Welcome and Good luck to you!

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Hi Jiliana. I'm a regainer too! It's really rough isn't it? Can feel so demoralizing!!!

The first time I lost 60 lbs was when I got an intestinal infection. I dropped 30 lbs in a month and the rest in a few more, which was kind of scary. I was determined to keep it off though, which I did for almost 2 years, but then as soon as life became rough, it slowly crept up 100. The second time I did it in a healthy way (well I yoyo'd up and down 10-15 lbs every year or two) but I kept it off for a while. Then it crept up 40 this year when I struggled with depression.

I realized I have as much trouble keeping weight off as I do losing it. So recognizing that was actually a huge victory for me - this isn't a temporary thing in my life. Like AA, I'm going to need this support for life!

It's exactly what Kscott said - I didn't make changes for life. I let myself slip into old habits too often, and then ended up staying there, rather than really shifting everything.

Severe diets are often doomed to be regained, because your body doesn't really recognize what you were doing. It becomes convinced you're starving it and will change its metabolism. You have to build a healthy metabolism.

Caloric restriction and exercise are both important. Studies show caloric weight loss is more strongly affected by calorie reduction, and weight management relies more heavily on exercise. But they're both necessary.

Like Kscott said, look at how to safely limit calories. Be really careful not to eat too few or your body will think it's starving and start burning fewer calories. Then it will rebound.

I went to my gym and paid $30 for a resting metabolic rate test. RMR or BMR. It showed me how much I actually burn each day and helped me know exactly how much to target. It helped a lot to learn I burn fewer than most other people, so I was not reducing my caloric intake enough.

My BMR is like 1150, and my usual daily activity adds only like 350 more - so it's hard for me to reduce my calories enough to lose more than a pound a week without adding exercise too. That's my struggle, but at least I know it! ^__^

I've done a lot of reading on this (I'm a med student) and you really don't want to average below 1200 calories - for any woman, unless you're working closely with a doctor. But the more someone weighs, the more they burn just sitting there. When I weighed 278, I stuck to a 1500 calorie diet and lost weight steadily. You might do great with 1600, or 1750 to start out with. Then when you get to know your body, don't move too fast, and it'll really stick.
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Also, by building lean muscle (resistance training like weights) you are building fat furnaces. Muscle tissue burns calories just by being there. It is an important part of weight loss and maintenance!

Also, it's my weakest point. I am lazy about weights - I'd rather spend extra time on the elliptical. Largely because I read on the elliptical and can't read while doing weights

Saying that now makes me think maybe that's part of why I struggle so much. Okay, going to have to make some changes in my routine whether I want to or not! >__< But when I see the results, I'll want to keep up with it!
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Okay, I promise I'll stop unloading info on you after this!

I looked up BMR in my favorite resource,*UpToDate. They recommend using the WHO guidelines:

Revised World Health Organization equations for estimating energy expenditure

Step 1: Estimate basal metabolic rate
  • Men 18 to 30 years = (0.0630 x actual weight in kg + 2.8957) x 240 kcal/day
  • Men 31 to 60 years = (0.0484 x actual weight in kg + 3.6534) x 240 kcal/day
  • Women 18 to 30 years = (0.0621 x actual weight in kg + 2.0357) x 240 kcal/day
  • Women 31 to 60 years = (0.0342 x actual weight in kg + 3.5377) x 240 kcal/day

Step 2: Determine activity factor

Activity level Activity factor

  • Low (sedentary) 1.3
  • Intermediate (some regular exercise or fairly active job) 1.5
  • High (regular activity or demanding job) 1.7

Step 3: Estimate total energy expenditure
  • Total energy expenditure = Basal metabolic rate x activity factor.

Remember :
  • kcal = what we commonly call a "calorie"
  • the NIH recommends that women not consume under 1200 kcal/day, and men not under 1800, without a doctor's supervision and careful nutrient monitoring
  • Weight in kg = Pounds/2.2
  • 3500 is the approximate kcal defecit per pound of weight loss or gain, yes.
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The advice I would like to give, which you have probably heard before, is to stop dieting.

If you want permanent change, it is IS about changing yourself lifestyle to something that you can see yourself keeping for the rest of your life. Use your own brain and sense to learn how to eat healthfully and to eat less in general.

While some diets can work if followed, they do not provide the tools needed to maintain weight loss and they do not allow you to exercise necessary skills needed to make good choices throughout your life. And this is what you (and everyone) needs, especially considering your history of regaining.

Also, take the Biggest Loser with a grain of salt. Keep in mind, they have compressed a lot of time into a 45 minute show and you are not seeing the things that go on behind the scenes. It has been edited for maximum wow factor.

Congrats on losing the 8 pounds! Keep that enthusiasm and don't let go of it! It can carry through your journey.

We look forward to seeing all of your future progress
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Default starting again

I'm Rita. I'm in health care and so with that I carry a lot of guilt that I should know and do better! However, I am now approaching this from a different mind set. A spiritual approach. Often, even your best friends may not want to or can be on the same journey. This is why I wanted to explore an online support group. Anyone on the same page?

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Nice to meet you, I'm a long time lurker too! Thanks to everyone that's posted great info in this thread
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