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Default "I've never seen you this big." - a reintroduction

Hi there, 3fc.

I'm back and heavier than ever. I am using myfitnesspal to log my food and calorie intake, and have lost 4lbs over the past 3 or so weeks, which I am happy with. But after a cheat day of pigging out with a great friend of mine, my friend very calmly, with a sense of serious concern, looked at me and goes, "Sarah, I've never seen you so big. How much do you weigh?" Keep in mind, she hadn't seen me in several weeks, and knows nothing of the 4lb loss. I just haven't mentioned it, since she struggles with her own weight due to PCOS. Also, she and I have been best friends since the 5th grade. That's twenty years of friendship and honesty. I know she meant nothing but concern by saying it.

How much do I weigh? Depends. If you go by how much I weighed 4 days ago, I weigh 184.6lbs. If you go by how much I weigh now (TTOM, HUGE calorie/sodium day yesterday) I weigh 190lbs. I actually weigh around 182 right now. Either way, I'm solidly in the 180s.

That's a full 20+ pounds over what my LAST highest weight was. I got here how you'd expect. Limited exercise. Poor/erratic eating habits. Poor sleeping habits.

I have a minimum of 45lbs to lose. So... Here I go again.
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Welcome back! Apparently there are no rules for how many times you can come back to this forum, because this is at least my third time here! Just keep going! You can do it!
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