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Default Too much flab, Not enough fab!

Hie, 20 yr old new girl here. I'm literally fighting an addiction(food) that i've known for so long. Started at 81kg/180lbs..lost 11kg/26lbs but revisited my old ways of bad eating and gained 8lbs back, and counting. Currently at 73.6kg/162lbs and i'm not happy. I need a change NOW!
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Welcome! I hope that you find the support that you're looking for here.
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Hi chenie, i just answered your other question. Now i see you are only 20 so its understandable that you may be finding it hard to manage your diet at this stage but the answers i gave still hold.

We are about the same height and i was about the same weight as you when i started - actually my doctor has me down at 85kg. I am currently at 68 kilos. I'm a lot older than you and have been through a number of ups and downs with weight over the years.

I have found it helps to consider that i have a sugar addiction. Of course there have been times when i eat too much of everything else as well but just quitting sugar has helps me get everything else under control. I was never really a huge savoury type junk food eater but if you eat too much of that stuff, then will have to be very careful over there too.

I have to say i find by working on improving the quality of what i eat, getting into a habit of cooking my own meals, keeping a food diary, my food has improved in taste and variety and quality and i feel better than ever. And i'm enjoying preparing my foods again.

A couple of books that have helped me recently are french women don't get fat and the don't' go hungry diet. I don't follow either way strictly but i have found what i learnt in those books both useful and worthwhile. The second one will teach you a few valuable lessons about nutrition, though i must say i am still a fan and consumer of full cream dairy. I do not think going low fat dairy is the right idea. And i think if one is consuming only a moderate amount of dairy, the amount of saturated fat in it, should not cause a problem.

you can read up on my blog link below. Its the second one, to see what i ate every day. You may think its not what you like to eat but it might give you some ideas about how much to eat and how to manage other difficulties. And you will see the sort of thing you need to do and how well it works because i have been there just ahead of you. My plan changes a little as i go along as does some of my thoughts and you can see a bit of how i deal with difficult periods.

In this weight loss game, if you want to be able to keep it off for ever, whatever strategy you choose, you have to think about if you can eat like this forever. But at the same time, if you need to know that you can't eat takeaways and lots of sweet things and avoid natural foods and keep off the weight forever. At some point along the path, we all have to change the way we eat and start choosing better foods that we like and learn how to prepare them.

And whatever exercise plan you follow, make it easy because too much is hard to sustain over the long term.
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Welcome Chenie--you're smart to get on here while you're young. So many wait until they're older, to take on permanent weight loss challenges. You've lost weight before, now you just need to figure out what you did to gain it back, and make those changes, meaning a lifestyle adjustment in the way you look at food and your exercise habits.

Because you're young you still have a metabolism. You'll burn calories faster, so exercise works for you. We all agree to pick an exercise that you enjoy doing. If you're a social person then you probably want to work out with others, so a class would be great. Something you can do regardless of the weather to keep you moving.

I can't say enough about myfitnesspal, a free upload to your phone that helps you keep track of the calories you're consuming in a day, and it's simple. A data bank thousands of foods, including restaurant menu's fast food. etc. that helps you to keep track of everything you do during the day including exercise.

Good Luck to you and Welcome!
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