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Question No more excuses!

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and new to the idea of a weight loss support forum. I am 21 and just over 160 pounds which I know isn't terrible but I feel terrible. I have decided it is time I make a change in my life when it comes to my health because anyone who knows me would agree that I don't really stay on top of it. My goal weight is 135 pounds which for someone my age an my height (5'7") I feel is healthy. I was apprehensive about joining this site because I'm not "overweight" or "fat" but to be comfortable with who I am I feel like I need to be more fit and lose some weight. I don't want people thinking I'm one of those girls who is the farthest thing from fat yet is constantly calling herself fat. Not only that but I am also not one for displaying my problems and issues for everyone to see but I find that I keep making excuses that lead to me gaining more weight. While I love my husband to death he isn't that motivational and isn't the kind of support system I feel that I need to kick me into gear.

I am hoping that I can meet and talk with some people on here that share in my struggle to find motivation and that also share my problem with procrastination. Knowing that others get what I am going through and being able to work through everything along side others may be just what I need to finally see some results.

Here is to losing 30 pounds in 90 days! can I do it?
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Hi, i'm quite a bit older than you but also experience procrastination. It is a good time for you to get on top of that issue and good to start now. In fact in my experience, its more debilitating that a little bit of overweightness.

As to the weight, i will have to convert it to kilograms in order to understand it…. Done that. According to the healthy weight range chart i looked at you are about 4.5 pounds overweight. Its not much. I think i'm about the same degree overweight myself but being older it matters less.

All i would say re diet for you, is to try to learn how to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Lots of fibre. About 2.5 cups of milk and yoghurt per day. Not too much bread and it should be wholegrain. Not too much pasta or rice. Just be conscious of the fat content of the foods you eat and if you really want to be in control, either quit sweets, or learn how to ration your intake of them to say about once a week.

Fill up with low calorie foods. Use my fitness pal to help you reduce your weight and DO NOT BE IN A BIG HURRY. If you reduce your calories severely, you will rebound for sure and you will end up fatter than when you started. I think all of us older women here can attest to that.

It is probably easier and more effective to stage your reduction. Try to say lose about 5 pounds at a time and stabilise your weight for a period at that weight. I don't know how long is right but the idea is that it trains your bodies own involuntary processes to think that this is your real weight. If you experience a big loss of weight quite quickly or even steadily, then your body at some point will say "ENOUGH" you need to eat! and then you will feel like you need to eat a lot.

Also bear in mind that your emotional health seems to impact on your appetite. When you are feeling really good, and relaxed about life your appetite seems not to be imbalanced iwht energy intake. But when you feel low, a lot of us at least start to experience irrational hunger. It can be subtle. But when it first starts happening you may not really notice it but if you do it often enough, you will end up strengthening the neural pathways of this habit and it seems to get harder and harder to control how you eat and what you eat.

So all i'm saying with regard to that, is be patient. Do some exercise but not too much and don't try to lose your weight with exercise. That can become a problem for some people too. They say weight loos should be 80% diet and 20% exercise so just 30 minutes walk a day would be enough for weightloss but for fitness, you may need to get beyond walking. At your age, it would be a good idea to join a team sport. It makes exercise fun and easy to go along to each time. There are all sorts of clubs - bush walking, triathlon, cycling of various types, rock climbing and so on. It doesn't have to be a team sport. Just being in a club helps a lot too though they can be expensive.

I find things like gym (which has no appeal to me) and zumba (which does) or other classes do not provide a sufficient motivational pull. But then i love yoga or tai chi or things of that kind. If you can find a good teacher than it can be motivational because its more than just exercise.

Dancing can be good because you and your hubby can do it and it also has another dimension which can be motivational.

Do you have motivational issues iwht anything else or just weight loss? If its anything i will add more about that but if its just weightloss, i've probably said enough.
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Everyone on this site so far has been very supportive and no matter the weight we are all battling the same thing. Kick those 30 pounds to the curb!
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