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Default Must Shrink Soon!!!!1

Hello everyone,

I am totally new at this so i'm not really sure how to do this. I'm on here today because I just realized that I have to change my ways. My lifestyle is so unhealthy and it's causing me to be depressed and stressed which is something i DO NOT need at the moment. All i really need is a bit of guidance and support because I really am trying to lose weight.

At almost 300 pounds, my life sucks. I hate getting up every morning pretending i am happy.

Anyways, I have a gym membership and recently purchased garcinia cambogia pills and added chia seed to my diet in hopes of boosting my metabolism.

What i would really like to know is, how can i stay on track? Will these pills work? They're all natural and also what exercises can i do at the gym that can help me target belly fat and all over weight loss?

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I donít know about the pills, but the gym membership will certainly work, if youíll use it! Chia seeds are healthy and will bust your metabolism, but youíll be disappointed if thatís the only change youíll make in your eating habits. But Iím sure thatís not the case. About exercising Ė why donít you start with something that you like or just try different things and see what works for you? In my experience, all exercises and all diets work, as long as you stick to it.

How to stay on track? Step on the scale regularly, so you donít fall into denial. When you fall off the wagon, donít feel too bad (everybody does sometimes!), pick yourself up and start another healthy day. Last but not least, seek support. Weíre all here for each other!

I hope you get happier soon.
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Christa don't buy into the hype about super foods and stuff like that. You will just end up spending a lot of money.

If you do the right things, weight loss is not hard. Really its not.

Keep yourself optimistic and unstressed. This is just about one of my number one priorities now on my diet. I have had some recent threats and so i deal with them first before returning to worry about losing again.

Eat nutritionally balanced and tasty meals.

Eat lots of fibre, especially soluble fibre which is found mostly in fruit and vegetables and dried legumes and pulses.

Don't lower your calories to ridiculous levels. Just a bit less than normal will do the job and just reduce it every time you think your weight loss stalls. Its what i'm doing and its working very fine.

You don't need to become a gym junkie. Just 30 minutes walk a day they say is enough. I don't even do that much and I'm losing weight. When you are much slimmer then if you feel like it, increase your exercise and want to be really fit. It won't stress your body so much at that point. Rememeber exercise makes you a bit to a lot hungrier (spending how much you do) so you need to need to eat a bit more to compensate for the calorie burn.

Eat proper whole foods not stuff out of a packet for the most part.

I"m not saying is chia is bad. I just don't think the hype is all its cracked up to be. If you like it, fine but its really expensive. This quote below is from wikipedia.

According to the USDA, a one ounce (28 gram) serving of chia seeds contains 9 grams of fat, 5 milligrams of sodium, 11 grams of dietary fiber, 4 grams of protein, 18% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, 27% phosphorus and 30% manganese.[7] These nutrient values are similar to other edible seeds, such as flax or sesame.[9][10] Although preliminary research indicates potential for health benefits from consuming chia seeds, this work remains sparse and inconclusive.[11
Note it is high in fat. so are all seeds and nuts so they have to be eaten in small quantities. If they are much the same as sesame, wouldn't it make more sense to eat these if they are cheaper. I am now eating a mixture of seeds each day. I put 1tsp on my breakfast or in my salads. When i use nuts i put in about 1tbsp. If my calorie allowance was greater, i'd probably use a little bit more.

The pills will not make your weight loss easier. I saw that on webmd.

by all means there is nothing wrong with trying new and novel foods but there is no magic bullet. You have been living amongst all you need all your life. We are blessed with an abundance of choice. If i'm going to spend a lot of money on food, i want it to taste amazing, like say roquefort cheese. And that i do not buy every day either.

I've got to go now. You will probably be glad of that. Have a read through my journal if you want to see what i do. Note i have modified things a little bit as i lose weight. When i was fatter i could eat more.
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I'm new as well so hopefully we will lose weight alongside each other. I'm just focusing on one day at a time at the moment, eating lots of veggies and walking 30 minutes each day.
I don't know anything about the chia seeds or pills. Let me know how it works out.
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I found that making mini goals to achieve keeps me motivated. You might not see yourself losing 100 lbs in a year, but can't you lose 5 lbs twenty times? I love reaching goals so it works great for me. I also contribute my success to finding an exercise program I like so that I will stick to it and drinking adequate water each day. If I do these two things, I can be successful. It has worked for me in the past. I hope you find others to give you their perspective and guidance as well.
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