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Red face Hi, ya'll <3

Hello! This is weird for me, as I'm not one to talk about myself.. My name is Sandra, and I'm fat. Wow, it feels like I'm at an AA meeting for hefty people. Oddly enough, it feels good to say that about myself and not immediately feel like I'm gonna be judged. Whoo.

Anyhoo, I'm here to find support and encouragement, and to meet people that I can identify with. Hubs isnt a large person, neither is anyone in my family aside from my younger brother (and he's only concerned with himself so there goes that haha.)

I have a gym membership that I hardly use.. Every time I go I feel like all of the trim people are judging me. Why? Well, duh, but seriously, the last time I was there I had a guy walk past my best friend and I and had that "OMG are u KIDDING me??!" look on his face. That was two weeks ago, and I havent been back.

I broke down last night while laying in bed talking to my husband, Rob. Everything came spilling out about how I feel. It felt good to cry about it, and saying it outloud gave me the motivation and determination to not care what those skinny fools think.

My last problem.. (boy I'm needy..) When I *am* at the gym, I walk once around the track and have to sit down. I used the stationary bike, and wanna quit because my legs come up and jiggle my stomach like a jovial clown with every turn of the pedals. Then I go home, type into my MyFitnessPal app what I did, and even with all the effort I put in I only burn 200-300 calories, feel like I didnt accomplish anything (since u have to burn what, 3500 calories to burn a pound??) and give up again.

Sorry this was so long-winded. I really havent been able to say any of this to anyone before.

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Hello Sandy Pants!

You have definitley come to the right place for support and guidance. It's hard right now, but if you keep going it will get better. Not all at once and maybe slowly, but it will get better.

As for the gym, I definitely understand. I took up walking/running outside last year and I cringed every time a car would go by. And then one day a guy drove by and said you are doing great and gave me a thumbs up. I know some people woudl cringe at the attention, but it made me feel good.

If someone gives you a nasty look at the gym then ignore it. They may be fit on the outside, but not inside and that is harder to change. And I know that I project my fears about how people perceive me and take looks, comments, etc. wrong sometimes. But either way keep going!
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Hi and welcome. You are here and that is a great first step! You will find a ton of support and encouragement. And the shame you feel at the gym? Kudos to you for going!! You are braver than I am. I chug thru my neighborhood, after dark only, breathing like a dying elephant!! I passed some teenagers last night, and braced myself for the laughing or jokes that I was sure would follow. They must have caught the bat crap crazy look in my eye because they didn't say or do anything. We all have our moments. My snapping point was a side profile picture I took of myself. That was a month ago yesterday and I've not looked back. You are in great company here. We are all working towards the same goals, just in different ways. Good luck on your journey.

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Hi Sandy! Welcome!!!

I know that feeling of judgement, but the reality is - they have no reason to judge someone for putting in effort to better themselves! Don't let it discourage you. You're doing something great for your body just by being there and trying!

As for the calories, that really hit home. About a year ago I added up all the numbers and realized I could NOT do this by working out alone. I'd have to work out every single day for at least an hour just to lose a pound and I don't have that kinda time. I didn't want to give up my diet (I love food so much...) but something had to change. And it's finally working.

I've only been here a few days but this is a great place for encouragement. I have no doubts you'll find something that works for you. Just keep at it!
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Hi, Sandy! My name is Amy, and I'm fat too.

Way to go on the gym membership. I'm like CooCooCaChoo in that I wouldn't even have the gumption to go. So keep on keeping on, hold your head high and remember where you're headed!
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Hi Sandy
I am also new to these forums, and I am embarrassed about my size too.
I don't go to a gym because we live 1/2 hour from the closest town.
When I go anywhere I repeat to myself
"I am here for me" Yes I care what others think, but I am trying to not let it bother me because first and foremost I have to do this for me. I need to put myself first, so I can be there for my husband, my children, my grand daughter....

About the app that you are using does it take into account your current weight and height etc?
Maybe this is just a misconception on my part but if those calories burned are based on a certain weight maybe you are actually burning more.
I have read a lot of others are working at losing 1 lb per week.
I am sure if you burnt that many calories on planned exercise every day, plus what you might do in the way of housework etc, plus changing some eating habits that you will find you are actually using up 3500 or more calories per week.
Even some who are not exercising but have cut back maybe 200 to 500 calories a day are losing weight.

Don't get discouraged. It is a tough journey but it is possible to achieve our goals!

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