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Hello All!!

I used to be a lurker on here... Only coming around for the occasional motivational post to help spur me into action or ideas on recipes and whatnot, but I have now become a member. Why, after probably at least 6 months of silence, would I finally register to the site? Because my weight loss has stalled. I started on this journey about a year ago. Shortly before Thanksgiving of 2012 my mom and I stared Weight Watchers. Maybe not the best timing on our behalf... or maybe the absolute best timing we could have had.

I've lost just about 50 lbs since then. I feel a TON better, but I still have a long way to go. My family got in on this, so did my best friend (she started Jan '13), and a close coworker, making one heck of a support group. My sister started in August of 12, I believe. She's lost about 70-80 lbs. My mom has lost about 30-40, my best friend 60-70, and my coworker around 30 (she recently had to stop). Needless to day, we have, together, lost a large person. I'm proud of this fact!

But recently I have stalled. I've been hovering between the range of 195-190 for about a month or two. Maybe three. I haven't been eating as well as I should... I have started exercising though! For the last month or two my bestie and I have been going to the community center and working out together of an evening - keeping each other motivated! Alas, all good things have to end. She got on a new work schedule that puts her on evenings/nights. We only now see each other on the weekends (we're roommates!) and the motivation has slacked to almost non-existent. I've tried to stay active without her, but its extremely hard!! My mom, being a gov't employee, has been on furlough though (also a night worker... that makes three of the most important people in my life as night workers!! bestie, boyfriend, and mom (not in that order)... =/ ) and we recently got her a bike so we can go riding together. Should be fun!

I just need to stay motivated and take it one day at a time. I need to get OVER this stupid cold thing whatever it is and get back to exercising. I need to go to the store and stock back up on things to precook/precut/prepackage for lunches and breakfasts. And I WILL stop eating out as much again. Everyone that I've seen on here is super supportive and full of ideas that help and motivate and pick you back up even if you haven't had the best day/week/month in the world. The lack of judgement on here is amazing =)

Heres to a resurgence in self confidence, self control, and the ability to say No!

btw, sorry for the novel and props to all of you who actually read it
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Hi BiasStarfish! Congrats on losing 50 lbs! That is incredible! And good for you on becoming a member. You'll find lots of support here. It sounds like your body just needs a change to jolt it into action again. You said you haven't been eating well. Maybe just getting on track with that will make the difference. I know with WW, you can eat what you want as long as you stay within your points, but maybe you need to focus on good foods for a while. It's great that you've started exercising! That should definitely help! But diet really is the key. Be sure to check out the Weight Watchers forum under Diet Central and definitely get involved! Everyone here wants the best for you! Good luck on your journey!
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beautiful bright soul :)
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as a member!
The support circle you have sounds wonderful! Good for you!! Also, congratulations on all of your progress so far! You're doing awesome!!
I hope posting actively and visiting more often will help draw on the motivation you need to keep going forward. Be sure to check out whichever boards are most interesting to you, and perhaps join a challenge or two, or simply chat with likeminded folks who are trying to lose similar weights. Good luck to you! You can do it and will be there in no time!
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