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Hello all. I am a nurse who works night shift, mother of 2 kids, age 8 and 2 1/2.... I am a former swimmer, horseback rider... I live out in a fairly rural area now... the closest gym with a pool is 45 minutes away. I don't think working it into my schedule is plausible right now, as childcare costs are mounting for me, and I have an ex who owes me about 18K in back child support. I live with my current bf and father of my littlest. I was never overweight until the last 6 or 7 yrs. As a younger person, I always ate whatever I wanted - because I swam a mile a day at least 4-5 days a week. I am not overly fond of other types of exercise but I'm trying to learn to love something other than swimming. I'm not very coordinated, and probably lean towards walking with a group...or running with a buddy or working out at home. I have a great treadmill that hasn't arrived at my house. It's an ifit that inclines up to 30 degrees. I hope it will really help me in this journey. Night time, when I don't feel very safe walking in our neighborhood is the most convenient time for me. Anyway - my lowest weight recently was 209... I desperately want to make it into onederland... I need a support group with me. Also. do any of you know how to find a few local buddies who would be willing to walk/jog with me? Im also just looking for some friends who can be supportive. My SO has never been overweight, and he just doesn't "get it". He thinks being supportive is yelling at me when he sees me make bad food choices.... not helpful. My daughter is on the chunky side as well, and I want to be a better role model for her, and in general provide healthier food for my family. I'm not a great cook, I need to be better there as well. Anyway, I'm just so tired of hating what i see in the mirror, hating putting on clothing b/c it;s always about what doesn't ride up, what doesnt show a roll... what squeezes fat in. I feel like my face is trapped in this block of fat. Im having a hard time sticking to anything. I try atkins, lost 15 lbs, and quit. I hate counting calories... but maybe I have to get over that? Im just completely overwhelmed... I want to change NOW and have years to enjoy my body, instead of hiding inside, feeling pathetic. Im sure this sounds familiar to some of you. Soooo...Hallooooo anyone around to be a buddy? Thanks so much!
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Have you tried for things like walking groups?

There are a myriad of approaches. Only you can decide what you are able and willing to do and what just doesn't work for you. The most important thing is to do what works, and this involves what you can enjoy or tolerate. No need to be unhappy.
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Welcome! It is easy to find support around here just by posting.

I'm afraid I don't know how you can find local people to walk with. Do you already know any neighbors you can ask to walk with you? If you are bold you can always put a sign in your yard seeking a walking partner. Perhaps a neighbor driving by will respond.

For me, I can't really afford a gym membership and honestly not sure I would go regularly if I could. So I decided to start with exercises that didn't take much time and didn't need any equipment. So body weight strength training - like squats and pushups and planks. This helped to limit my possible excuses as to why I couldn't exercise.

There are some walking videos on YouTube. You can do them safely in your home even at night. I like the Leslie Sansone ones, but there are others as well. Free and convenient and you don't need a lot of space.

I hate counting calories as well. I know it is something that I will not do long term no matter how much it works for others. It just isn't me. Currently I check calories as I'm learning what a regular human portion should be vs what I was eating before. But as I get more comfortable with normal servings I count less. I'll just check new foods as I consume them. You need to make changes you can keep up with forever, so experiment and find what works for you.

Good luck and keep posting!
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Hi Sewall! It's great that you are taking steps to lose the weight. The treadmill and joining us here are great tools! Consider joining one or more of the threads in "Chicks Up for Challenge" under Support Groups. Those challenges are wonderful for helping to keep your motivated and accountable. You won't feel alone, even if you are walking on your treadmill alone, because people here will want to know if you are keeping up with the goals you've set for yourself. Give it a try, and good luck!
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