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Location: Cardboard box in PA - not homeless, I've just spent half my life moving and I get uncomfortable when I don't move and I'm feeling the itch.
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Cool Pennsylvania driver coming through

I found somewhere to post and hopefully find people to talk to. I tried Sparkpeople and somehow couldn't get people to respond to me more then short simple remarks. Maybe I was doing it wrong...I know that's why I'm here, I'm doing something wrong!

I hit my rock bottom about 6 weeks ago when I was in a shopright and sat on the blood pressure machine. Didn't know they now take your weight, so I put in my info and the screen announced "Congratulations, your BMI is 30.5 and you ARE obese!" That was fun... I've hit that weight before, in 10th grade in high school, after transitioning out of an out patient program back into normal full time school. About 5 years later at 20, I hit my lowest weight of 135 via a combination of excessive drinking, not eating, and walking 2 miles back and forth to work (didn't have a car). I have bounced up and down ever since: 180 to 155, 172 to 145...over and over. Most of the gain is during my "lows" and the loss is during my "highs" so I'm trying things a tad different and choosing healthy this time.

I have since been working out 5 days a week and 75% of my diet is now not processed foods. I've only been able to loose 6 pounds, which is frustrating. I have lost 2 inches off my waist (the narrow part) and went from 36" to 34". Really, if I could wear more of my clothes, I probably wouldn't be so peeved.

This is why I'm here - I haven't really had much support because I don't have many friends and the ones I have don't have weight problems. My boyfriend loves me no matter what I look like so as lovely as it is for him to tell me I'm beautiful, it doesn't help my pants fit.

So hello, I hope to meet oddballs and squares alike.
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Hi there, and welcome!

I remember hovering over rock bottom. I was up late unable to sleep, and I thought to myself - you know, I really HAVE put on some weight. Tomorrow I need to do something about it. But you know how it is when you make plans when you're tired, right? I woke up eventually and thought... n'ah. I don't think I have it in me. I'll have cake for breakfast and forget all about it. It hit me after I'd eaten that though, and I hurried upstairs to where the scale is kept and (even knowing I'd eaten that day already), I stepped on... and it was way worse than I'd thought it would be. Boom! Everything just crashed down on me. My boyfriend loves me no matter what, and like you say, that's lovely -- but I decided, then and there, this was something I had to do for MYSELF.

And it's been okay so far. My starting weight was much more than yours and I have been losing steadily so far, though I'm sure as I lose more it will become more difficult. And I only finally measured my measurable bits at the start of August and I won't measure again until the start of September. But 2 inches seem substantial so maybe the inches are speaking louder than pounds? Maybe if you feel like you're plateauing already, search for an article to try and break that? Whatever it is, I wish you good luck! You're working hard already so don't give in and I'm sure you'll manage to lose more.

/attempt at being inspirational

Again, welcome
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I'm from across the river in Jersey.

I know that slow moving scales are absolutely annoying but! you already recognize that your body is changing. The scale will move eventually, if you're doing the right things it will go down---just not as fast as you or I would like. :-)

Keep up the good work!!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!!
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Hi Katz! Welcome! Some threads here are more active than others, but just browse around and jump right in! Be sure to check out "Chicks Up for a Challenge" under Support Groups. It has a lot of threads to help keep you accountable and motivated. You are off to a great start, so don't be discouraged. Also, you will meet lots of people here to help you along and you'll be able to help others too. Good to have you!
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Welcome! I'm new too. I feel the same way about sparkpeople. It's not really set up to be a good communication platform in my opinion.

Already I feel like I've gotten a from 3FC!
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Location: Cardboard box in PA - not homeless, I've just spent half my life moving and I get uncomfortable when I don't move and I'm feeling the itch.
Posts: 29

S/C/G: 193/181/130

Height: 5'6"


Thanks everyone! I have noticed much better responses in general just reading some of the posts. I can't wait to get to know people better and make a few friends.

fairandfree - I should add that the first place I lose weight is under my bustline and the narrowest part of the torso. I'm sure some people would love that however I envy ladies who can drop from their hips or thighs! Those damn saddle bags could be the death of me, its like my body wants to tease me. I also have never had shape to my arms, smaller or bigger, they stay much the same shape which is one of my goals - I'm slowly accepting a higher weight that includes building muscle is far better then winning over the scale.
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