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Default Re-Introduction - I can't do this on my own!

I'm Debbie - sneaking up on 46 soon. I'm tired of being overweight. My teenager just weighed in at the doctors office and is sneaking up on the weight of my 6' tall husband. I cannot let her continue on this path and the only way I can help her is to help myself. We're in this together.

My husband and I went gluten free on January 1st to help him with a health condition. Turns out I also needed it. Discovered that the reason I was getting sick after eating was the gluten. Now that it's gone I'm much healthier. While being healthy is great, I need to lose some weight. Hubby has lost 25 lbs. Me? Zilch, nothing, nada! People comment that I look like I've lost weight - I think I'm redistributing it. My weight has remained the same as have my measurements. I'm discouraged!

As of today, I am going to start measuring my food (and my teen dd), keep a food log and increase my steps on my FitBit. We have a weight bench in the basement and we'll do a program 3 x's a week. I think that will fit in now that school is starting.

Sorry to have blabbed on - but I need some support and encouragement.
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Hi Ellie.

I also have a problem with gluten. I think I'm Celiac but I won't do a gluten challenge so I don't have an official diagnosis. It's good that you found this out and are feeling better.

As for your weight remaining the same... how's your fibre intake? A lot of gluten-free products are low fibre or fibre-free, and therefore fattening. That might be the problem. My favourite gluten-free bread mix is Bob's Red Mill Wonderful Bread. I'm not aware of any packaged bread that's as rich in fibre as it is.
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Ellie - you and I have a lot in common. I live in the midwest, have about the same weight loss goal and I will be 46 in Dec. I have a teenage daughter who is packing the pounds on, too. I went back to weight watchers two weeks ago because it worked in the past. I need to make some healthy changes that will hopefully inspire my daughter to want to lose, too. I am trying to get good exercise at least 4 days a week. Lately it has been walking because the weather has been so nice (abnormal for this time of year). Right now I am involved in the 10 pounds before Sept.1 thread. I would love to buddy up!
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Hi Debbie and welcome! It's great that you and your daughter are doing this together. Increasing your steps and exercising is great...although weight loss is really 90% diet. Figure out your calorie requirements; stick with them using your log; and you will lose. I'm nearing 56 and I've lost almost 40 lbs since March, following a reduced-calorie & healthy diet, along with walking/extra steps and some weight lifting.

If you want, you and your daughter can join our monthly weight loss and exercise challenges...we provide each other with support throughout the month (see Chicks up for a Challenge forum).
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Welcome, Ellie! I, too, gave up gluten (in early 2012) and have been MUCH healthier since then. I am not full-blown celiac, but intolerant/sensitive to gluten. It is amazing how stumbling across one little change can completely change your life. I am SO glad I figured out that gluten was the culprit causing me so many health issues. At any rate, welcome to 3FC and best wishes!
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Hi Ellie! Welcome back! What a great goal you have: to become healthy for yourself and your daughter! You can do this! People here will help you. Good luck!
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!!
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Hi Ellie, welcome and good luck to you and your daughter! I hope you figure things out with the gluten.
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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I don't buy many gluten free products. Just bread & cookies for the hubby. We eat mostly a whole foods/clean eating type of way.

boatingmommy - I'd love to buddy up. Seems we have a lot in common!

I haven't had an official diagnosis either, KaseyMack. But when you cut something out of your diet and it improves your health it can't be wrong. Glad you've found relief.

I'm off to look at the challenges forum!
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