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Default Oi, Another Newbie ;)

I'm Katie.

I've been skimming through the introductions, and like many others, I may be new to this forum, but I'm not new to being overweight or to dieting. I think I started my first diet when I was still in elementary school...ugh. I'm 24 now, so I feel like I've been yo-yo dieting for most of my life.

The last "big" diet I went on, I was able to lose 30lbs...but after moving in with my boyfriend and "nesting" I gained it all back, plus 15lbs! I knew I had to do something when I started feeling embarrassed looking at pictures of myself. My double chin was just...awful. AWFUL, and I felt so unattractive getting...ahem...naked, with my wonderful boyfriend, who loves me no matter what weight I am (he didn't even notice I had dropped 30lbs at the beginning of our relationship!).

After getting diagnosed with PCOS about three months ago, I decided I needed to not just count calories, but change my approach to food completely. So I cut out white flour, white sugar, dairy, and most soy.

This approach has been pretty successful, as I've been able to lose 25lbs. HOWEVER, PCOS ROYALLY SUCKS and despite doing EVERYTHING right (and not cheating once in 3 months) I sometimes gain back a pound or two, and I hate it. But I'll keep fighting.

It's mortifying saying that I have 70lbs to lose, and it makes me feel so isolated. I don't know anyone who's overweight besides myself in real life. I was "the big girl" in my high school class (despite eating healthier than all of my friends), and I've never had anyone to talk to about my weight issues.

I'm hoping to find some friends to share my triumphs and failures with. Nice to meet everyone

PS: My boyfriend knows about my PCOS and my dieting issues, and today at lunch he asked me how much I weighed...I was like..."Yeah, no, not telling you that, EVER, sorry" but he guessed 165...I was just like, "I love you but no." XD Oh, the joys of weight loss. He's terrible at guessing weights lol...but at the same time, I'm kind of thankful.
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Hi Katie! Welcome to 3FC
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!
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Hey Katie, welcome!

PCOS does suck. Super super sucks... I've managed to lose a majority of my weight despite the difficulties of the diagnosis. Losing nearly a hundred lbs and having 40 more to go used to shame and embarrass me. Now I'm much more pragmatic and proud about it. Knowing how hard it is to lose with PCOS you should do a happy dance every ounce that you lose. You'll lose it all, eventually, just keep trucking!

You seem to be positive and your boyfriend seems amazing too!
P.S. There's a great forum on here for PCOS sufferers, if you need/want.
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Try to set smaller goals, saying you have 70lbs to lose can soundimpossible at times so start with 10 or 20 and keep that up until u reach goal. Welcome and best of luck

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