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Smile Hello! :)

I've been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. I have been overweight all my life, but it has progressively gotten worse as I get older; I pretty much am subject to the cycle of gaining wait, getting depressed about gaining the weight, and then gaining more weight because I gained weight. I hope you guys were able to follow me on that, hehe.

Anyways, a bit more about myself; my name is Piper and I've always been conscious of my weight. I avoid wearing anything more revealing than a parka and I have had enough. I've tried diets, my exercise regimes always seem to fail because I don't have anyone to do them with/anyone WILLING to do them with me, so I finally just become so demotivated that I just give up and succumb to old habits.

As I've said, I'm tired of it, and I've decided to join a community who is centered around this sort of thing! For those curious, I am currently at 285 at nearly 20 years old (huge number for my age, I know, and accept that), and aiming for 150~125, depending on how my body decides to take to the weight. Doctors have told me weights around there are fine, so I am kind of uncertain of which weight to aim for. I'm 5'8'', so I want to avoid looking like I'm the skeleton display for science class.

Divulging this information is a huge step for me, and I almost want to press the 'X' on my window right now and avoid posting it! But I think the only way to finally get myself into gear is to come face-to-face with all of it and admit that, yes, this weight is still here and it's not going anywhere until I fully commit to doing away with it - and telling others of my exploits make me feel obligated to complete them. At least that's how I hope this works!

I'm aiming to hopefully lose 100 pounds by the time fall term comes around - which will hopefully be my first semester in college. I am starting to put the stepping stones that build my life in line, so I want to start the process with a complete change of myself. I want to reinvent myself, I want to be able to find clothes that fit and don't look like burlap sacks, and I want to stop avoiding mirrors. I want to start working on changing my life - I want to reinvent the way I will live my life. If I continue my ways, I will always be stuck in my ways. I will never exercise, I will eat poorly, and I will get the health problems that afflict my family. It is a scary thought that 3 of my close family members have diabetes and it absolutely terrifies me. I don't want to be another statistic.

My grandfather was in the hospital last week with congestive heart failure and a lightbulb upstairs came on. The food he was eating landed him there - his monstrous amount of salt intake all his life had all but landed him at death's doorstep. As I look at the sweets and fat-saturated yet tasty food I usually indulge in, I realized they're not worth it. The fifteen seconds of enjoying that Debbie cake isn't worth the 50 years of pricking my finger and having to monitor my diet because if I have over 2000mg of salt in a day, I risk gaining enough water weight to drown my heart. Maybe his near-death experience is what I needed, and I have since tried to change my eating habits.

I am starting with baby steps. I allow myself my morning cup of coffee with splenda and powdered French Vanilla creamer for now (partially because I have a sore throat, but also because I don't want to burn myself out - once the creamer is gone, I will be doing away with the cup of coffee), I cut out all white bread (only use flax sandwich thins now - very low sodium and lots of fiber!), I am trying to eat all leaner meats and I'm eating more veggies. (Carrots and snowpeas, but those count, right?) I also have only had one soda (in a can, and it was diet + had 55mg of sodium) in about a week now, which is an accomplishment for me. Its not much, but this is only the beginning! (:

I'm sorry for the novel introduction, but I need to get it all off my chest and hopefully it will prod me into staying on track. (:

So... Hello, 3FC!
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Welcome! You are so right that a few seconds of enjoying something on our lips is not worth wearing it! It sounds as though you are off to a great start.
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Welcome, Piper! You're definitely off to a good start; changing habits while you're still young is something I wish I had done. Have you started a food journal? Decided on an exercise routine? When I first started dieting, I kept a food journal, it made me very aware of the exact amounts I was eating every day and helped me to make better choices. Seeing what you ingest on paper can really open your eyes. If you're not fond of exercise, start slow. Go for a walk, or ride a stationary bike. Also, check out the challenges threads on this forum. With the new month comes a bunch of new challenges, so you're joining at the perfect time! Joining them, participating in the daily discussions, and writing out your goals and progress really keeps you accountable and motivates you to do better. This is an awesome forum full of very supportive motivating folks who will cheer you on and pick you up when you need it. Good luck and I look forward to reading up on your progress!!
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Welcome! Funny how certain things can give us a wake up call. I'm glad you want to change yourself for the better! I just started posting here myself
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Welcome Piper,

You are off to a good start. Kudos. You mention that you get discouraged because you're doing it alone. Isn't it great to know that you're not alone?! There are accountability threads on this site that will help keep you on track as well as exercise challenges that will help to keep you moving. Find one that interests you and log on to it every day. Before you know it exercise will be a healthy habit.
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Welcome!!! I am new here, as well...and I am also 5'8. I have found through my years (I'm 42) that the weight where I look and feel the best is around 150...but that's taking in to consideration my muscle mass, as I do have quiet a bit of muscle. (lately, it's in hiding under a few pounds of extra chub, but it's still there!) The weight range you are aiming for sounds about right - it also depends on your frame. Nice to have you here, good luck!
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!
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Hi Piper! Good luck on your journey
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Good for you for not giving up and deciding to post your story.

It's complicated when you actually start seeing your progress: your struggles, your better days, and your accomplishments. I'm glad to be on a forum that understand the complexity of emotions that come with finally facing myself, my choices, my behaviors.

Hoping that you find this site just as helpful and inspiring.
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Piper, I'm new here too...although I'm a decade older than you. Your post echoes my struggles! I hope and pray we can both do it this time!
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