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Default I Want to Be Me Again


I am 23 years old and have struggled with my weight since I was 8. In my adult life the most I've ever weighed is 216, and the least I've weighed is 140.

I am married to a Marine that doesn't seem to get why it's so hard for me to lose weight. In a way, he understands, because he was overweight going into Boot Camp, but since then he's stayed under 180.

We used to go to the gym together, used to do a lot of walking together, even if it was just around the mall. However, in July of 2011, we took on the care of my then-10 year old sister (long story). After she moved here, we didn't have the time to do the same things we once did, but with how much my husband worked, I was my sister's primary caregiver. I guess, with everything she needed, with living away from our mom, (we're in Virginia, our mother's in Florida) I stopped putting myself first.

I had started to gain weight right before she moved in with us. It was only 10 pounds and I'd gone from 170-140 before so I thought I could handle it. But it just kept going up.

After my sister moved back down to our mom (July of this year), I really had the time to sit back, reflect, and realize how unhappy I was with myself. But, since I'd put on so much weight, and I'm relatively short, my knee joints ached any time I tried to exercise.

Then more things came up, but I managed to get my weight down to 202. Then it went back up. I just want to go back the 140 me, the me that could handle a real workout, the me that could do fun things. It's 4 months later, my husband and my older sister are my cheerleaders. Nothing I do goes unnoticed, or uncelebrated, even on days I don't feel I accomplished anything ("You didn't order the bacon cheeseburger like you wanted. You beat temptation." Things like that) .

I'm hoping once I lose the weight that I never find it again. My genetics put me at enough risk for things that being overweight just makes it that more likely I'll develop them. In short, I want to be free to be me, the real me.

And that is my overly long, drawn out introduction, thanks for sticking around to finish it
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You are so blessed to have a husband who is supportive of your diet!
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Welcome to 3FC, and good luck reaching your goals!
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Welcome, ImprovLife!! You know, I meet so many people in FL that's from VA and vice versa.... I just moved to VA last year from FL myself LOL

That's awesome that you have such a supportive husband. Do you have a fitness center nearby with an indoor pool? We have one in my town that offers aqua classes that really makes for good cardio/strength training and because it's all in the water, there's no stress to joints. I go with a friend of mine who's had double knee surgery.

This is a great forum for support and motivation. Check out some of the challenges threads. They usually start new ones at the beginning of the month so you're diving in at the perfect time! Good luck and I look forward to seeing you around the forum!!
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Good luck on your journey!
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Welcome to the group. It's nice to have you here!
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