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losing and schmoozing
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Hi Cuddlebug,

Just wanted to say hi, and welcome!

Massive congratulations on being smoke-free for 5 months - WOW! If you can do that, you can definitely get your head into the right place to lose weight. I know I don't have as much to lose as others on these forums, but I just wanted to let you know what tremendous respect and admiration I have for the folks here who have started at high weights. And I have tremendous respect and admiration for YOU for deciding to take action! It is not an easy nor a fast journey, but so many here have accomplished what I imagine must have seemed impossible when they started. You can do it too!

Try looking around the goal forums for inspiration, and also check out some of the sub-forums for others with lots of weight to lose - 100 lb. Club for people who want to lose 100 pounds, or 300+ Club for people with starting weight above 300. You are not alone!

The number on the scale doesn't matter - your weight loss journey has already started by reaching out to the great community here. The support and love here really is boundless. Stay away from YouTube - make your home page 3FC instead.

Best wishes to you! And look forward to your trip - it is going to be a blast!!!
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Cuddlebug for people who say cruel and mean things visualazation may help. if it is a guy I imagine him in 10 years , bald with a beer belly and dirty fingernails.
A woman in ten years has saggy boobs, a muffin top, gray hair and wrinkles.
I feel so much better when I imagine this.

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M.S. + living balance
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way to go on quitting. You've got this
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CONGRATS ON THE NO SMOKING!!! You are amazing! You obviously love yourself enough to quit one bad habbit. I have faith that you can, not only quit any bad habbits you may have, but also learn great ones!


Do not listen to those who have nothing but negative things to say. If they really loved themselves they wouldn't feel the need to put others down.

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cuddlebug, your story really hit home for me, i can understand what its like to feel like the world is a cruel place. but not everyone is like that. with this forum, and the support of my friends and family i know i can reach my goals, and from the sounds of it you have some pretty supportive people around you too.

this site has been key to my success so far however, while my friends and family support me 100% it is really hard to find people who can truly understand what the struggle is like when you are so overweight. i have never had anywhere to truly vent my feelings, until i found this place.

you can do this, you have the support of thousands of people here, and we are all cheering you on!!

you will never be judged here, and if you have a bad day, you have many understanding shoulders to cry on. keep at it, amazing things have been accomplished in a year. you deserve this trip, whether or not you weigh 120 pounds when you go. dont let the haters get to you, it will be amazing no matter what

i will be cheering HARD for you
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Hi Cuddlebug. Your message gave me the impetus to make my own first post on the forum.

First off, congratulations on kicking the smoking habit. That is no small feat! I know people who have been trying to quit for decades without success so you have good reason to pat yourself on the back. You've managed to do something that is extraordinarily difficult. It also sounds like you have a pretty wonderful friend, which makes me think you must be quite special too to have attracted someone like that into your life.

Try not to let other people's mean comments get you down. I tend to think that those who say things like that often are trying to cover up their own insecurities and inadequacies. If they were truly happy with themselves they wouldn't go to so much trouble to put down others.

On the subject of air travel, I am not going to lie. It is quite uncomfortable to fly long distances when you are obese. On the other hand, having quit smoking will already make things a lot easier. When my dad flew to Europe from Aus a few years back the hardest thing for him was not being able to have a smoke for 12 hours.

You have a year to prepare so I suggest a slow and steady approach to getting in shape for the trip. And lean heavily on this forum for support. I know you can make it.
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Welcome to 3fc, Cuddlebug. And congratulations on quitting smoking!! This forum is so inspirational. Any time you need a "pick me up," come and look around, especially at goals met and mini those before and after pics!! The journey is long and sometimes bumpy, but stay with it and you will see your health issues improve as you lose the weight. My piece of advice.....try to stay away from fatty foods......they are very calorie dense, and horrible for the cholestrol! Short walks will do wonders for you, physically and emotionally. You said you haven't been on a scale in years.....thats okay, some people make clothing sizes their goals. It feels so good to see those clothes getting looser!! You can do this! And by the way, the bathrooms on airplanes are miserably small.....super uncomforable to use. Just one more reason to start dieting today. Best of luck on your journey to better health!!!
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Cornellchick, bargoo,valpal23,Jordana531,samcakes and DeadEyedSuburbanite

Thank you all more than I can express, this forum seems to have so many with hearts of gold.


Thank you for your warm welcome. Your words and thoughts and feelings for this forum and the people in it show so much respect and love it gives me heart...I think I have found "home".. Yes I intend to stay away from Youtube and its negativity and make this my homepage. I will do as you sugest and check the goal pages and the subforums....thank you for you HUGS


Giggles ...thank you for my first laugh in quite some time..chuckles....I will take your advice and do a little visualisation hehehe.... Cuddlebug Hugs.


Thank you kindly words I look forward to many years in the company of the wonderful people here. HUGS


Your words warmed my heart..I think you are the BEAUTIFUL one...I will try to be strong Huge HUGS


Your words are so kind and I am truly seeing the support that you have spoken of already...suddenly the feeling that the world is cruel is fading as I see the healing posts that have been posted here, by wonderful people like yourself. The fear of being judged or rejected...the fear of making mistakes has been a binding, weighty chain to wear for a long long time for me. I can feel those chains loosening much can a kind word achieve and change a persons life THank you HUGS HUGS


Wow your first post I know how hard it was for, congratulations, the first step is so scary and you have done it . Yes I fear you are right the plane trip will be uncomfortable even if I manage to lose weight. But I have hope now.. Wow about your dad, I dont think I could have made it at all if I was in his boots and still smoking your dad is the brave one...hehe..I think you and the many people here who have taken time to read..and then reply to me are the special ones..I cant find words to even convey what that has done for much the dark cloud has been lifted. I can see the support of this forum will be invaluable...I just hope I will be able to help others as well as be helped. I will be here for you too if you need me

Thank you ....all who have posted for me... I hope in some way I can be there for you if you ever need me..just as you have held out your hand of friendship and support for me...Oh and thank you on the congratulations on my smoking...or rather..not smoking I feel so embarrassed..i guess that is why I havent said anything to each of you who has praised my be honest I am not use to anyone praising me like that It feels so good..Thank you all
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Thank you for you kind welcome. I will most certainly take your advice and be looking at Goals reached, mini goals and before and after photos. Such wonderful and amazing people here, like yourself, I already feel so inspired. I will be taking your advice on fatty food...and as soon as my back has healed enough to take walks I will far I can make it to the mail box and back...and I do physio exercises each day..I am determined..LOL usually end up in tears from the pain as I do them..but I can see the good results even now so wont give up or give in. As for the scales..I think I will try and find a pair that go high enough to show my weight...I just dont know where or when...but the clothing idea is super and I can do that now thank you ...argg about the bathrooms on the planes...that is what I feared...sigh ..I can see it now....stuck in the onboard toilet...and people trying to get me out ..chuckles Again thank you sunshauna your words and advice will help me on this long trip I am embarking on. HUGE HUGS
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Calorie Counter
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Hi CuddleBug!! First of all, if you can quit smoking, you can lose weight!! Trust me!! Once you get into the healthy habits and start enjoying the food and eventual exercise (as of course you're not well enough yet) you'll be reaping in the benefits!!

And this site... well. If it wasn't for this site I'd still be eating baaaad foods and not caring about it. I've been on plan now since 04/23/12 and lost almost 5lbs. Slow and steady wins the race!! I'm still over 300lbs as you can see, but I can already feel the benefits!! It's CRAZY!!

2lbs a week loss is a perfect rate, however in the first few weeks don't be surprised if you loose more. Apparently "larger people" (URGH!!) retain quite a bit of water, so when a diet is started, it kick starts your body by getting rid of the excess water we hold. Hasn't happened to me yet, but everyone is different.

Have you decided which method you're going to try? I'm doing the old fashioned calorie and portion size control, and so far... no complaints. I can still have the odd bit of candy if I need it (trust me, sometimes i do NEED it lol). One thing I will say is BE CAREFUL OF CARBS!!! Pasta, Rice, that kind of thing. Okay in moderation, but go a little overboard and you'll notice!! Carbs are my enemy!!

I would kill to go on a trip like that!! Britain is soooo blurgh!! lol

Anyway aim for the 2lbs a week mark, but whatever you do, don't panic!!

We're all cheering you on!!
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Thank you for your reply and taking the time to welcome me I am starting to actually get excited about getting well enought to exercise...giggles not so sure about the food part as yet...but will try very very hard. Sadly all the bad foods are my favorites...I love rice, pasta etc and the words moderation ...well...umm....blushes..I guess I have been going way overboard on them. WOW congratulations on your weight loss...OMGOSH I havent descided as yet on an actual plan...just cutting out the bad stuff...getting well enough to walk and exercise....and spend a lot of time in here Thank you for your kinds words...and I bet one day you make it on a trip like I hope I am able to go on...I never thought I would ever be able too..but now well I think I will make it. Hugs from what I have seen England is a beautiful country HUGE HUGS
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cuddlebug, Welcome!
I am new as well as of a week ago, although I am not new to the joys and frustrations of weight loss.

Here you will find a lot of great tips and support but do you have anyone at home who can help you as well? For me, in addition to this board, I have a friend who stops by one day a week to weigh with me. If I didn't have that I'd ask my doc's office if I could weigh in there. It isn't essential to have a weigh in buddy but it has helped me in the past and is helping me now.

Take this one day at a time! Those who are successful are the ones who keep at it through rough times and do not quit even if they mess up terribly. I plan to take one day at a time but do this for life.

As other posters said, if you can quit smoking, you can also lose weight!
If I may make a suggestion, look up and write down the calories you take in for a few days. I think it might be an eye opening experience. It always is for me.

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Thank you for your reply again I have gained some insite into the road ahead of me....To be honest I have no one to travel this road with. To weigh talk to about this trip to better health. This forum is it Congratulations by the way on finding this forum...I have a feeling it will be an amazing trip with all of the people here for support. One day at a time sounds like how i will have to tackle this...and I think your idea of writing down calories get a base line on ...well unhealthily I have been eating is a good idea Knowledge is important. Huge Hugs and I hope that if you ever need support that you can come to me
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Hello Cuddlebug
Well done on your smoking success and for sharing your situation with us. I heartily agree with other posters take one step one day at a time, just try to care for yourself today, right now. You are a precious person and just as valuable as anyone else. Little things like putting on perfume, fixing your hair nice, all help towards seeing that you are worthy of what others take for granted. Start right now with the little things and keep posting.
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Thank has been a long time since I have even considered the little putting on a little perfume or doing more to my hair than a quick brush, putting it in a pony tale and getting it out of my way. I think you are right...I think I need to take a tiny bit of time for me...I havent done that for a long time....although I am a grandma and my children have left home...for reasons I cant at the moment go into...I have my beautiful grandchildren with me most of the time, looking after them. (difficult at best with the back problems at the moment ...hehe ) Thank you again for your advice I believe I will do that HUGS
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