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Default Hello fellow Determined Folk

Hi there.

I'm Gabriella, rather- Linguistics Junkie.

As this is the "introduction" section, I figured I'd say hello and tell you all a bit about me. I'm around 250 pounds right now and I'm 18 years old. I realize I am extraordinarily unhealthy and I've been trying to do something about it. As many of you do, I highly dislike running, don't entirely hate exercise, but prefer a good book to either. I am, unsurprisingly, sensitive and embarrassed about my weight which I realize is normal.

But I just turned 18 and I'm trying to do something at least slightly helpful for myself as a real "adult". I'm starting college this year, but I did sign up for 2 physical fitness classes and I plan on working out each weekend, and on every day I don't have class.

Anyways, sorry about the lecture. I'll try my best to reach my weight goal and I'm really hopeful an online community will help me with these goals

Thanks so much for listening (cough),

And I'll hope to see you round here!
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Congratulations on your decision to lose that weight now, while you are young. I waited till my 60's to do it and suffered all my life from negative feelings about my weight--dressed poorly and always felt self-conscious. Now I look and feel great--wish I had done it at 18!

You will see with each bit of weight you lose how much better you look and feel. The rewards come very quickly and will reinforce your wish to change. Just stay on track--avoid the "all or nothing" thinking whereby if you go off plan one day you just give up. If you stay (or get back) on your plan, if it is a reasonable one, you will lose.

I don't particularly like exercise either & like you would far rather read. I got an inexpensive mini rebounder which I use for 10 min or so nightly and it really boosted my metabolic rate, so that the pounds came off quickly. If you attend those exercise classes, they will help in your looks and your health.

3FC is a great forum! Stay with us and well be there for you.
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Welcome! I wish I had taken the steps to get healthier when I was 18 and stuck with it. Best of luck to you!!
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Welcome to 3FC =)

First of all congratulations on making changes in order to get healthier right now!

I've never really been a huge exercise fan myself, either. However, I learned over time that I do have activities that I enjoy. I like walking. I love walking on my treadmill and listening to music, or watching a show on the tv. I like yoga, too! I don't have to run a marathon in order for it to "count" as activity. Anything active we do is exercise and is good for us!

Moving from sedentary to active is a great step, but don't forget about food. Food fuels us, so 9 times out of 10 we want to make sure we're eating things that are good for us. You don't necessarily have to find a diet or anything of that nature, but you might consider consciously adding in vegetables and fruits into your day. Not only are they wonderful for us, but they are bulky and fill us up with fewer calories than does junk food.

Best of wishes on your journey and hope to see you around the boards!~
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