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Default I'm a yoyo

Hi there.

In my endaevor to find some peace of mind over my weightloss issue, I stumbled upon this website. I'm currently struggling so badly with my weight that I feel discouraged beyond belief.

In highschool, I lost 40lbs and went from 320 to 280. I felt great and everyone was always talking about how great I looked. I graduated from highschool and got into an abusive relationship which put me back up and over my old weight of 320 to around 350lbs. I'm an emotional eater, I've always been an emotional eater, my mom is an emotional eater. So it's hard for me to get out of the habit of justifying eating when I'm happy, sad, depressed, celebratory..

Anyway, I need support. Recently, (January) I bought my first scale and I bought wiifit. At this time I was 340lbs. I started working out every day and trying really hard to do better than I was. I stopped ordering take out for the most part... I did everything right. I got down to 319 and was ecstatic. Now, I'm working and have money to throw around and have stopped working out completely and have started ordering takeout constantly. (I mean every day). I think I'm addicted Anyway, I'm back up to 350lbs and it's driving me crazy. I want to be confident and feel good about myself again. I'm literally to the point where I'm considering joining overeaters anonymous.

Oh yeah.. My name is Holly and I'm 21 from Canada

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Welcome to 3FC =)

Firstly... you are not alone, Holly. There are a lot of people who struggle daily with food choices.

Honestly, the choices you made towards getting healthier are great ideas. Getting in a little movement every day and eating food in moderation, instead of just having takeout every night.

However there's one other "key" to weight loss. And that's perseverance. Getting back up when a stumble knocks you down. Dusting yourself off if you forget to exercise, or forgiving yourself for eating something you didn't truly want... and just going forward. Continuing to make better choices the very next day... heck, the very next meal.

You're here now. And that's what's important. You can be here a year from now, too. Still making healthier choices. Still moving more. Still being healthier. And probably even down a good number of pounds keeping at it!

Everyone at 3FC comes from different walks of life, we follow different methods of losing weight and keeping it off, but we have one truly binding thing in common... we want everyone to succeed.

There are times when it's tough and we need a lot of support. There are times when we're on top of the world and we have a lot of support to give. I certainly hope you find the right kind of support for you here

To start you off... There's the 300+ Club (I'm frequently there, as you can see I also began at over 300 lbs), there's the 100 lb Club for those of us who need to lose more than 100 lbs, there's also the 20 somethings. I'm all of those things so I pop into those boards and read them.

If you want to read up on OA there's even an Overeaters Anonymous section under Chicks in Control!

You can do this. No matter what plan of action you choose. You can find a method that fits your lifestyle and you can lose weight and keep it off. There are a number of maintenance level members at 3FC who've taken off and kept off a lot of weight. If they can do it, we all can. And we can encourage eachother to get there healthfully

Can't wait to get to know you better on your journey!
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Thanks so much
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Welcome!! Good luck with your efforts!! YOU can do this!!
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Holly! I am so glad you found this site! It is full of incredible support and information!

I consider myself to be an emotional eater, food addict and binge eater. The only way I can stay on track (and believe me...I've had plenty of slip ups) is to keep track of my calories. I know everyone's different.

Another thing I do is take things one day at a time. Sounds simple but I think it really helps. It's hard to think that you'll never have take out again. But, what if you decide and commit to not having any for one day? Just one day. Have a food plan, follow it no matter what. If you find yourself craving something, you will have a plan for how to handle that...maybe chew gum, go for a walk, come to this site and read success stories or post for some support. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you'll feel so proud to have been able to go through the entire day and stay on plan. Then, you will recommit to another day. And so on.

Anyway, I"m sending you lots of and can't wait to hear about your journey towards your goal
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Welcome! Hope you can find the help here that you need. I have found plenty of support. Someone always gives you a good answer to your questions. I get motivation just by reading the goals and mini goals. Good Luck!
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