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Talking For Cosplay!!!

Hi everyone here~~!!

Let me have a little intro of myself. My name is Milesy Othman. Currently 16. I have a HUGE CRUSH on cosplaying. I like to cosplay a lot. I never actually notice I am fat until one faithful day....

I cosplay a character which require me to wear short skirts. When I reach there, everyone says I look awesome. until some random guy come up to me and say, " Hey! You have a foot baller's leg! And your bigger than your character "

I was left there SHOCKED. I was speechless. I went home that day and was depress. I check my BMI, it was 24. I was 19% more than my ideal weight. I stumble in this site accidentally and after reading all the success stories, I feel so determined to get THINNER and show that random guy who's the Boss!

So, please, do support me.

Thank you.
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It's wonderful that you are looking to get healthy and lose some weight. Please also remember that BMI charts are just guidelines and a BMI of 24 is on the higher end of the normal, healthy scale! We hope to see you posting more - and you will find a lot of incredibly supportive people here.

Good luck on your weight-loss journey!
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Hi, Milesy! Welcome to the forum!

Okay, I give. What's cosplaying?

Do you have any particular plans in mind? Please let us know how we can help you.
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ohmygodcosplay. loveyou<3

Don't get you so jealous of the amazingly skinny cute girls running in perfectly made costumes at cons? *stab*and it's always such a pain when you see an outfit that would look amazing but it's too tight or skimpy and you dont feel secure enough to make it

that said - a 24 bmi is in the healthy range. I believe your considered overweight if you have a bmi of over 26. If you've been comfortable and 'never noticed you were fat' until some random a-hole said you were, you might want to think about why your doing this. If you really need to lose weight (and it sounds like you might not need to) you should only do it for YOU, not to impress jerks. Most likely, he's never going to think of you should return the favor.
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staja >> XD I will. I love this site. The success story make me feel so determine and inspire. I love this site.

ellis >> Cosplaying is like a role-playing. Cosplayer dress out like their favorite character and be like the character. XD is fun! I'm planning to cosplay an maid character~~~!!!!! They will be a cosplay gathering in December! Can't wait!!!

Hypra >> Yup! COSPLAY~~!! Hypra likes cosplay? I agree with that. I really want to look good with short skirts. DETERMINED! XD I really want to lose weight for myself. I hope my BMI will be 22 if possible. ( wait! is possible!). I really want to feel good like last time before that "jerk" commented.
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Go for it if it's really the body YOU want. If you do it to show him, then you are actually showing him that he IS the boss.
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