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Hello everyone just looking for some friends and support from people that can relate to what I'm going through... I'm at a point now where I think I will need anything I can get .. advice ,support, direction... anything lol...

I am extremely happy with my life and my family right now and completely miserable with myself ... I feel ugly and self conscious every day and it is effecting my relationship with my husband.... ( at least I feel it is lol )

I am a stay at home mom of a 2 yr old boy and 6 yr old boy... I was always VERY thin before my kids .. even got back to my original weight after my first son but its just not happening after my last one I think my biggest enemies right now is the amount of food I eat (more so than what I am eating) and soda's! .. I typically binge .. I will go ALL day without eating then pig out all night until I'm full and have to go to bed lol! its horrible I know!

cutting out Soda's and late night ravishes and starting more exercise seem like a easy change for me ..

I am looking to be back down to 100lbs before NEXT summer ( although I wouldn't complain if it happened sooner) I have 2 big bins of clothes waiting to be worn again!

my exercise plan? : I dunno it changes daily it will vary from work out videos with my medicine ball and walking or jogging up and down my lengthy ALL up hill road :-| lol and my regular daily activity I do moderate to intense cleaning daily and also try to stay active playing with my 2 yr old

my weight is constantly drastically jumping one week I'm 5 lbs lighter the next I'm 5 lbs heavier I don't understand it but so far I have not been able to get under 140 despite my activity levels ...

so thats my story sorry its a book!
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. . . so glad you found us . . .

Sounds like you are your own worst enemy right now, Chickie. Skipping meals very often will cause you to overindulge later on because your body is telling you it needs nourishment. Try eating a relatively small snack-like meal every three hours and I bet those binge urges will subside. If you are talking regular soft-drinks you are definitely getting a lot of unneeded sugar and calories-- try switching to diet versions at least.

Take a look around in the DIET CENTRAL area -- just about every popular and healthy eating plan is covered in there.
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Hi. Welcome to the board. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that your goal weight seems a little extreme. You would be extrememly close to weight classified as anorexia. If you were there naturally, fine...but you are trying to diet your way back to that weight which isn't healthy. I have some clothes I would love to wear again but I know that its unreasonable for me to try to weigh what I did when I wore, I finally got rid of them. It was sad but hey, I wasn't the healthiest at that time anyway.
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Ok .... Hello first of all! Welcome.......
try to get snacks like low-fat string cheese, sugar-free pudding even your kids would love that! Dan-active yogurt shakes, 100-calorie pack snacks that way it can get you in the habit of putting something in your tummy so you wont get that I am so starved feeling and eat junk!! it helps I also carry south beach bars,,I love them and they fill you up! they have chocolate just sayin LOL Even slim fast bars are flavor-ful ...anything for energy! Stick around and good luck.......
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