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Miss Thickness
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Exclamation I have no idea what i'm doing here

I'm new here, and i don't no where to begin. I know that i want to get down to a size of 165lb. i know that i have a problem with soda's
i just can't leave them along. I drink maybe 4 cans of soda's a day.
i don't eat that often maybe once a day maybe twice.
Iv'e been the same weight for a steady year going on two years.
i have no idea how to sarte a diet, how to exacise, how to eat right.
and on top of that i'm very lazy. but i really want to lose the weight but i hate the feeling of failure please help
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nothing can stop me.
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we please to have
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Default welcome!!

pick a plan and jump right in!
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Miss Thickness
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where do i do that?
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First of all, a big to 3fc! You've made the first step in the right direction, and we're glad to have you here.

Is it 'regular' soda you're drinking? If so, you should really consider switching to diet sodas. If you're one of those people who can't stand the taste, gradually 'wean' yourself off of the normal stuff- mix 2/3 normal soda with 1/3 diet, then 1/2 normal soda with 1/2 diet, and so on until you're completely off of the normal stuff.
Another alternative is seltzer water, flavored sparkling water, et cetera.

Even though you only eat 2 or so times a day, what kind of foods is it that you're eating? The physical amount of food you're eating may not be all that much, but depending on what it is, you could be consuming quite a surplus of calories. This is something you should definitely check in to.

There are numerous diet plans one can follow, and luckily you're in the right place for information on all of them. There are many many boards about all kinds of different diets(lifestyle changes) on this site and you should check them out; find one that sounds good to you. I personally recommend calorie counting, as it's straight and to-the-point.. and best of all, free. However, if you need more structure, there are plans like Weight Watchers.. South Beach Diet.. etc. that many many members have had great success on. You can find out more on their respective boards.

Starting an exercise plan can be very simple and easy to do. Depending on your activity level now, you could start off with just 20 minutes of walking a day, and then gradually increase that amount with time. Could you join a gym, ride a bike, go swimming? Any additional activity to what you're doing now will help. Remember to start slow and improve gradually. Trying to tell yourself that you're going to suddenly start working out 90 minutes a day can be overwhemling and very discouraging!

You say you really want to lose weight, and hey, if there's a will there's a way. You CAN do it if you put enough effort into it. I wish you the best of luck with your journey.


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I know how you feel, but Layri's right, where there's a will, there's a way! Slow and steady wins the race. Please message me if you'd ever like to talk- I'm going through the same struggle
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Welcome aboard!

The Good News: this site is an excellent resource for information and support and ideas, and because it's not focussed on One True Weightloss Plan it's also a really good place to find out more about the various plans that are out there and figure out which is going to be the most successful.

The Bad News: You're still going to have to do this for yourself. You're still going to be in control of your choices, and of what goes in your mouth, and of what exercise you do. Nobody else can make it happen for you. You have all the power in this equation, and all the responsibility. It's going to be YOUR work, your choices, your endurance, your victory. Nobody else's.

The Other Good News: Once you accept that you are in control of your weight? It really ISN'T that hard to shift it. And it doesn't have to be unpleasant, even! It can actually feel great! But from what you've written here, I'm going to take the liberty of saying that you need to change your mindset.

You just can't leave sodas alone? Bullsh*t. You tell yourself that kind of thing, and you're giving yourself carte blanche to screw up. There are plenty of people in the world who have genuine 'can'ts' to deal with of one kind or another - can't walk, can't see, can't visit their child, can't vote, can't leave their country. You, on the other hand, have a whole mountain of choices that you're free and empowered to make, and one of them is whether or not you choose to drink soda, knowing that IT IS KEEPING YOU FAT.

Every time you drink a can of soda, you're actively choosing NOT to work on losing that weight. And nobody is making you do this, and you are not helpless. You're choosing it. Sure, you're tempted - but don't tell yourself that you're helpless in the face of that temptation, because that's nonsense. You are much stronger than you're giving yourself credit for.

It may be that you're sabotaging yourself because you're frightened of the change. I know that was a problem for me for a long time, although I hadn't really realised it while it was going on; but if you don't TRY, then you can tell yourself you haven't failed. And if you don't lose weight, then you can blame all your problems, fears, insecurities etc on the weight, rather than dealing with them. I think that was a big problem for me for a long while, and any time I'd reach rock bottom of my pit of misery and decide to try to lose weight, I'd promptly sabotage myself and lose heart.

What has changed for me is that I felt hopeful and positive about this as something I really can do. Just because I saw some woman on the TV who was older than me, and who had been fatter than me, and who had halved her bodyweight in 2 years by modifying her eating and getting gentle exercise. And it was like a real epiphany for me - I just UNDERSTOOD, really and truly, that this is something I can do. I can change my body and my life. And nobody else can do it for me.

You really need to be in that headspace, I think, for this to succeed - so very much of this process is psychological. The thing you'll need most of all is self-belief. Determination.

I don't know which weight loss plan is going to be the best one for you, but I've found low carb very successful so far - I'm pretty much following Atkins. And if you feel helpless in the face of sugar, then it might be that you are literally hooked on the carbs - I know I was. And I was startled by how very quickly that changed, once I just cut them out. It's been a real revelation about how my body works and about how my relationship with food works - turns out it WASN'T me craving bread/pasta/rice - it was just that I'd programmed my metabolism that way.

If that sounds too dramatic a step, I'd still really recommend cutting back on starches and sugars - WeightWatchers' Core plan is pretty awesome, and easy to follow, and there's a great support network in place for you there. Plus it's got the built-in flexibility of extra points, so you can factor in the occasional glass of wine or can or Coke or chocolate chip cookie if you need to.

Check out the various threads here and see which plan sounds like something you can STICK to - 'cause that's the bottom line. You need to be able to stick to it, realistically.

Good luck!
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